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Can you get a Herpes sore inside nostril?

I have a very painful sore inside left nostril. I am living with a female partner who tested positive 5.00+ for HSV 1 and 2 IGG. I tested negative so far for both. Could this sore inside nose be Herpes?
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Herpes inside the nostril would be for those who already have herpes for quite some time and since you tested negative it would not be herpes related. First time outbreaks occur at point of contact and i hardly think the inside of your nose made contact with her lips while she was having an active herpes lip sore.
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Herpes moves...at first contact there is an outbreak maybe a day later. Mine was my mouth from kissing. Over the years it moved from the corner over the top of my lip..moved up to the middle part between my lip and nose, then moved the middle section that separates the nostrils and now I get them inside my nose. The are always on the inside part of my nose. I hope that makes sense. It's been a crazy ride with this damn virus.
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Well, I'm not sure about those tests as they were done rather prematurely, and I haven't had a chance to get re-tested.

I applied a Q-tip soaked with apple cider vinegar to the inside of the nostril, where the sore was located, and shortly after the pain subsided. The sore is still there, and the pain became very acute when the vinegar came into contact. But afterward, no pain.

My reasoning was that if it's just a bacterial infection, the apple cider vinegar would take care of it since it's known for anti-bacterial properties. I used apple cider vinegar because of its relative lack of side effects as opposed to prescribed antibiotic ointments, especially since the nose lining had direct connection to the nerves in the brain and eye. But it was important for me to get rid of bacteria as it could make its way to the brain and eye and cause more serious problems.

What do you think, this is a sign of a bacterial infection and not a herpes sore, since the pain went away right after?
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