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Chafing or Herpes?

Sorry I saw that herpes questions should be posted here and not in STDs forum.  Sorry about that...

I've always had times in my life where if I had diarrhea and wiped too much, too hard that my anus would become irritated, etc. and eventually go away.  However this time around I feel like its lasting a bit longer.  So of course, my anxiety ridden self thinks its a broader issue. It seems every time i wipe (i use soft toilet paper), it sets me back.

I had an encounter 9 weeks ago, but don't recall having an initial herpes outbreak.  1 week after there were 2 red bumps that were painful but it wasn't herpes looking because if it was, it would have made me go bonkers and i don't recall being that worked up.  Sometimes I get pimple looking spots on the lips in some places, I'm not sure if this is HSV1 or whatever.

My question is, could this chafing actually be herpes?  Do initial outbreaks happen on/in the anus?  There have been pimple like appearances on my buttocks as well but nothing clustered.  There is an area thats slightly clustered but they're small red dots that look like pimples.  

And if somehow someway those red dots were the initial outbreak, what are the chances a recurring one happens on/in the anus or on the buttocks.
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Hi, if the anal area had no exposure to some ones genital or lip area then first time outbreaks would not be in that area. They are always at point of contact.
So lets say for some reason the first outbreak was indeed on the genitals hypothetically.  What are the chances the next recurrent outbreak would be in the anus.  Or am I just freaking out about a normal chafing problem due to hard wiping, diarrhea?
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Yes your just freaking out. Outbreaks are almost always in the same spot give or take an inch. So if someone with lip herpes was rubbing their lips in the anal area with a lip herpes lesion then the first outbreak would be there.
Thank you for the information.  There was no contact with my anus with tongue, genitals or anything.  So the chances of herpes breaking out on the anus or buttocks is pretty low assuming the first outbreak occurred in the genitals (assuming that was an outbreak, which i don't think it was).  My last question, i have a small patch of pimples on my back, that outbreaks every so often.  They look like pimples but they also hurt a decent amount if i were to squeeze my shoulder blades.  Ive however had this problem for the last year or two where they would break out in the same area.  id say 1 or 2ice in one year.  Is this just recurring acne breakouts or does this have a connection to herpes as well?  Its always the same spot where the cluster is. Probably 2inX2in with 4-5 pimples in the area.
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The shoulder blade area is not a common area for herpes to breakout as somewhat falls outside the nerve ganglion area for oral herpes.. If the look like pimples they most likely are pimples.
It is between the shoulder blade and spine area.  More so closely to the spine.  In terms of oral herpes, I've heard that almost all people have it or eventually get it.  I do get little pimple like spots on my lips sometimes, are those just pimples or is that considered oral herpes?  and if thats the case would that be the cause of the patch of pimples on my upper back i mentioned?  It's always the same 2in by 2in area.  And if I've had these acne things for 2 years'ish now, theres no way its from my most recent encounter 9 weeks ago is it?  Sorry for all the questions, just trying to get everything out of the way.  You've been a great help I appreciate you taking your time!
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Correct its not from your recent encounter. Most often with lip outbreaks it much more than little pimple spots but a open blister that scabs over and turns yellow.
Okay, ya most if not all the time whenever i see something on the lip.  It is a whitehead pimple looking thing that I pop, it oozes and its probably done hurting in 3 days. and gone in 5-6.  there may be a make left just from popping it, etc.  would that be herpes or are they just typical pimples showing up on lips?  and how often is it that if it were oral herpes, that that cluster would show up on the upper back because of it?
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On a side note, if your concerned you have oral herpes from childhood then have a simple blood test to confirm
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As mentioned the back is not an issue and you should have a blood test for oral hsv1
ThANK you for your input
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