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Chance of HSV-1 from oral

I do not have hsv-1 and I received unprotected oral from a high class sex worker who promised me she was clean. At the same time she may have not mentioned hsv-1 as that is so common. If I have never had it is there a chance I could get genital herpes and if so what does this mean?
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You cannot prevent infection at this point.  

The good news is you probably didn't catch anything. I've had cold sores all of my life and people who get them tend to not want to do any kissing (much less anything else) when one is present.  So, let's assume she has HSV1 (oral) - because most of us do - and just didn't have an outbreak at the time of the contact.  The odds of you contracting are something like 1 in 200.  Try to chill.

Also - if, somehow, you do have HSV1, keep in mind that (genitally) it's a VERY easy condition to manage.  You would expect to have 1 pretty severe outbreak and then, possibly never another one for the rest of your life.  On average, people with HSV1 genitally, get an outbreak once every few years.  
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Hi, if she did not have a lip sore at the time, chances are quite low but possible. Thats way condoms are recommended with people of unknown status. If your concerned then get tested 3 months post exposure.
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is there anyway I can do anything to prevent this at this point? I am worried sick about this. it looks like I have a 9 to 18 percent chance of getting it? when would it show? how could i be so stupid as to let this happen.
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Yes 9-18. Many times there is no symptoms or breakouts but 3-13 days would be average. You did not know about this and dont be overly worried.
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that's great news Tim and I will really try and stay calm and not go for a test and just hope for the best. Thanks Life as well for these comments. Hopefully I was safe as I will never do this ever again and have learnt my lesson.
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Regarding learning your lesson, here's some free advice:

Try to think of how important you are in someone else's eyes (could be your mother, your father, a sister, brother, grandparent, child, etc.) and then think about the lengths that person would go to in order to protect you if they could from any harm that could ever come your way.  Every time you find yourself second-guessing grabbing a condom because he/she "says she's clean" and "has been tested recently", think about that person who thinks you're special and how they would hope you would try to protect yourself.  

Some STDs are nothing.  Even funny to look back on with your friends down the road.  Others can have a profound impact on your life and THAT's what you should try to remember when you find yourself at "the point of no return" with a new partner.  

50 million people in this country has HSV2, 35-40 million of them don't know it.
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I actually started crying reading that post. I cried because it was so true. My parents have actually paid for me to go sex addiction therapy and also seeing psychiatrists. After having been good for a while I suddenly had this major slip up just because I convinced myself this was a "trustworthy high class" establishment with good reviews.

I just really hope that one girl did not have anything and I can just move on with my life and never, ever, do anything this stupid again. I used to chastise myself for getting massage parlour hand jobs...unprotected oral is just another level of stupidity I can't stop hating myself for this.
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Stop hating yourself.  maybe all you needed was a good scare.   You and I are alot alike, in that way.  And, no, I won't elaborate.

Take care.  And remember what I said.  Sounds like a lot of people care about you.  
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Thank you Tim. I've been reading the Expert posts and alongside your posts the Doctor's responses have been alleviating my fear after all the various  "just had unprotected oral from a csw" posts.

It's a low risk but certainly not zero risk...and that scares me silly.Thanks so much. I need to keep thinking about the people who care about me for sure.
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