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Chances of HSV?

I made an intoxicated decision 5 days ago. I was receiving a lap dance from a stripper and she pulled out my penis and kissed/licked the shaft twice. She never fully put it in her mouth during this time. However, after this she did perform oral with a condom on. I am in a relationship so am freaking out I may have contracted an STD and more specifically, gonorrhea or my biggest fear HSV. She did not have any visible sores that I could see but again I was intoxicated and it was dark. 3 days post exposure I went to a clinic and they treated me for chlamydia and gonorrhea and told me it was very unlikely i contracted anything but want to get a second opinion on the matter. Can you tell me the percent chance I may have contracted anything? I am mostly concerned with HSV. I am now 5 days out post exposure and have no symptoms of discharge, notable pain, or redness/swelling/sores (other than what I consider to be anxiety driven). Also, if low or no risk, would you say it is safe to resume unprotected sex with my partner assuming no symptoms arise? Thank you for your help.
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The chances you conteacted anything from this incredibly low risk exposure is slim to none and far closer to none. I wouldn't worry as the unprotected portion was no real risk at all. It's so low that i can't even quantify the odds. If this were me knowing what i know, i wouldn't give it a second thought.
Can you weigh in on my comment below. And at what day post exposure can I feel 'safe' I didn't contract hsv?
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I am now 12 days post exposure. Chlamydia and gonorrhea test came back negative. However, I am still worried about hsv1. I have had some bladder pressure and a general uncomfortable/burning sensation at the tip of my urethra (feels internal). The clinic treated me for chlamydia and gonorrhea to start so I doubt there would be bacteria still present to cause a uti or something similar. They also gave me pyridium and that seemed to make the burning go away temporarily but I have this constant pressure around my bladder region. I also have some random itching and sensations in my genital area. Could this be hsv1? Or would this be something different, maybe just anxiety?
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with the uncomfortable feeling at the tip, does it come and go?  like if you're moving around, not thinking about it, does it go away?

I ask because I was in a situation where I did something I completely regret, and i'm married.  and I noticed when I was up and about, I couldn't feel anything, but if I focused on it, I could feel some uncomfortable sensations.

here's the thing, if you've done something you regret and potentially put yourself, and your significant other, at risk, you tend to be more hyper-focused.  feeling sensations, that while are absolutely normal, you wouldn't notice unless you were more focused and looking for something that just isn't there.

once I was able to calm down and accept that what I did was wrong and started working on myself internally and my relationship, the sensations went away and haven't been back.

Trust me, I know how you feel, I've been there. I think it's more anxiety than anything else.

from everything I've read, including the very smart people I've spoken to on this subject, especially, "feelingundone", if you contracted hsv, you would know it.

I hope this provides some level of comfort for you.
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I agree, your risk of exposure is really low.  First, you don't know if she has it.  Second, If she did, she would have to be contagious at that time.  Third, I believe your penis would need to come in contact with her skin where she is shedding.
I wouldn't get the blood test until around 6 weeks.  This test will determine if you have developed antibodies.  You could develop antibodies even without a breakout. Meaning, you are a carrier without a visible reaction.
I contracted HSV-1 genital, but had a negative blood test at the onset of the first breakout which I believe was about 25 days after suspected encounter.  A subsequent  swab test proved positive.  Essentially, the blood test was too early.
Keep in mind that some people never have a breakout and don't know they are carriers until there partner tells them, but this is rare, really rare.
I wish you well, but I feel strongly that you didn't contract it.  I hope this helps.
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