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Chances of catching genital herpes from vaginal sex with a prostitute

I have vaginal intercourse with a prostitue back to back last week that lasted for about 2 mins each time. I was very drunk, flaccid and might not have rolled the condom down all the way to the bottom or pinched the tip. The second time before vaginal she gave me oral over the condom which might not have been on correctly.
The lady was older, possibly homeless and since it was dark I have no way of knowing about any possible sores or lesions she had on her vagina. I am showing no symtpons other than what looks like an inflamed hair follicle that I popped with some pus and blood on my pelvic area. Swelling went down after popping this morning.

I do not want to spread this to my partner and would like to know what the best course of action would be in your opinion as I am specifically afraid that I may have caught genital herpes. Are there any test I may take this soon after exposure in regards to genital herpes? If not at what points after exposure should I get tested.

I already took an STD Test post exposure but will be going again as I fear this may be too soon to test for some other common diseases.

Thank you for your help very much
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Her being possibly homeless has no bearing on anything.

Your chances of getting herpes from a one-time encounter are slim - possible, but slim. If the condom wasn't on correctly, you do have a chance of getting gonorrhea or chlamydia if the head of your penis wasn't covered. Tests for those two are conclusive at 7 days post exposure.

You are also at risk for syphilis. You will need a blood test for that, and it's not conclusive until 90 days, though most will show positive by 4-6 weeks. If you get a sore from syphilis, known as a chancre, you would see it between a week and 3 months.

You can test now for herpes with a type specific IgG blood test. If you test positive for hsv1, think oral hsv1 - cold sores. Even if you've never had a cold sore, it's most likely an oral infection, as 90% of those with hsv1 never get a cold sore. If you test positive for either type, it's not from this encounter, as it can take up to 4 months to show on the test, with most showing positive by 6 weeks. You wouldn't show positive until at least 2 weeks at the very earliest.

You can get herpes and syphilis when using a condom correctly, though the chances are lower, and low to start with from a 1-time encounter. Don't freak, but definitely test.

And maybe stop drinking. :)
Oh and you can test for HIV now, and depending on the test, at 4 weeks, if it's a 4th generation test. The person who tests you can let you know when to test again depending on the type of test they use.
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