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Cold Sores Question

Hi, I started seeing a guy that has the cold sore virus (herpes).  He currently does not have any visible sore on his mouth, but he has very dry /cracked lips (may bleed).  If he kisses me (with his dry /cracked lips), how likely will he pass the virus to me?

Also, if he licked and kissed other parts of my body like neck and nipples, will it have chance of catching HSV1?

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Hi, just depends if the virus is on the surface, Since your breasts are part of the upper ganglion it would be possible to contract it there.
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what if I'm a man, does that change anything?

so even if he doesn't have an outbreak, due to his cracked lips, I may still get it?  When can I test to see if I have been infected with HSV-1?  Is there a window period to HSV-1?
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