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Cold sore on gums?

I was recently in a relationship with a man who gets cold sores. I have never gotten on on my lips but I have been having problems with my bottom right gum at the back of my mouth I thought for the longest time that it was from a wisdom tooth I had extracted 2 years ago but when I went in to be seen and got x-rays and there was no tooth or chips remaining to cause my problems.I described these symptoms to my dentist 1) happens every 1-3 weeks 2) numb pain behind right eye and right cheek 3 pain on gums.... He told me it was a recurrent cold sore???? Now when I look or feel in that area I see white blisters/cuts all the time like in never goes away.... Is this cold sores or something else?
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really not much else to add from your previous post about this.  at this point you need further evaluation and testing.

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