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Cold sore or a pimple?

I've read a few other posts with similar titles but they aren't quite like my case.  About two weeks ago I got this white pimple thing on the outside of the corner of my mouth, it came to existence overnight.  I was afraid it was a cold sore or something, but after I got out of the shower, it fell off leaving a red gash for about a week.  Then, after that one cleared up, another one appear on the opposite corner.  This time, I never saw the pimple, it was just a red gash.  I kept picking at it so it hasn't cleared.  I left it alone yesterday and it's scabbed over, about halfway gone.
    These don't sound like symptoms of herpes to me but I'm not an expert.  There was no pain, puss, itching, irritation or burning.  Just a single pimple(zit?) that falls off really easily and a red cut that takes a while to heal because it's on the corner of the mouth and when I open my mouth, it breaks open again.

I've read about vitiman difficiency, which I'm assuming I don't have.
I've read about drooling, which I've done in class a few times...
I also read something about scabs or sores on the mouth from smoking which I did for about a month...

The 'cut' starts on the very edge of my lip, it's not actually on the lip.

Does anyone have any solid advice or links they could give?  All help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
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Sounds more like a pimple.  A cold sore is typically blister like, sometimes a cluster of blisters. You can use google images to get an idea of typical cold sores.

See your doc or a dermatologist to know what's up. No one here can give you a definitive diagnosis.

Also, oral herpes is incredibly common, about 70% of the adult population has it.
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Thank you for your reply, I think I'll take your advice and see my doctor soon, just to be sure =)
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