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Cold sore transmission?

My boyfriend was having a cold sore outbreak on his mouth. He touched it to clean it and then rinsed his hand in water and towel dried. He was taking Famvir for his cold sores. He later then proceeded to fidle with my pants but they never came off. How long does the virus last on clothing and what are the chances of it being transmitted to my genitals? We never kissed but we did kiss the day of his break out before he had any symptoms. Oral transmission is still possible?
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Also to add his cold sore seemed to have been in the healing stage (skin was just pink from where it had been)
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You were at zero risk from him touching his cold sore then your clothing. Hsv isn't transmitted this way. Plus it was gone as soon as he washed his hands.
Hsv sheds on average of 10-15% of days even though no symptoms are present so kissing will always be a small risk
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