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Cold sore

I am a female. In May I had a long, nonpainful, flat blister appear on my lower lip. No tingling. It was not visible but could be felt. It was present for nearly two weeks before popping, I think because of stubble after buzzing a few hairs off above my top lip. Lots of thick, greyish fluid came out. It did not ulcer or crust. It just flattened out and went away. I have had no further blisters but in August I had two small, red flat areas on my tongue and the inside of my lower lip gets bumpy on occasion but no sores. Nothing is ever painful or even tender. In addition, I have noticed on two occasions my tongue has gotten red and burns a little and my mouth and lips feel dry but don't appear dry. One more thing, I have noted nonraised red areas on my cheeks on a couple occasions. They show up for a couple weeks, then lighten up but do not disappear. Dont know if it's related. I have not performed oral sex since January and no kissing since April. I know I am HSV 1 + by igg 3.23 but have never had cold sores in my adult life and don't recall any in childhood. Does this sound like a typical cold sore, something bacterial or allergy related? I have been under some pretty intense stress lately.
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In regards to the flat spots on your tongue and the red burning sensation you've had on it as well, you might look into the possibilty of that being glossitis. I myself have a form of glossitis called 'geographic tongue' which is where red flat patches appear on the tongue then go away. It's caused by stress and is a harmless condition. Sometimes certain foods can trigger it as well. But regular glossitis symptoms can also be just a generally red and burning tongue as you've described.

Maybe someone else will address the blister on your lip.
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Thank you for your reply. It would make sense to be stress related. It's annoying. I'll research glossitis. I'm glad there have been no more blisters but it was just so strange that it lasted so long, wasn't red and didn't hurt. In hindsight, I should have had it cultured. At the time, I just wanted it to go away. I could feel it with my tongue but when looking at myself in the mirror, I couldn't see it. It extended from nearly the middle of my bottom lip to the corner of my mouth. I went to the dentist in August but was having no symptoms at the time. He said everything looked ok. I did have a negative (<.90) HSV2 test about a month ago. I would assume if that was a concern I would test positive by now being no contact since January or April.
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Also, if you research glossitis or Geographic tongue, don't let the pictures you find online alarm or fool you, because just like herpes pictures, most of them are very extreme and even retouched and color adjusted in some cases to look worse than they are. My geographic tongue is nowhere as extreme looking as some of those online photos. Mine just affects the two front sides of tip of the tongue and sometimes the sides of the tongue.
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Thanks for the warning :)
All I need is more stress!
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You may want to also get a type-specific IGG test done for HSV1 as well, since you've already gotten the HSV2 test. Was the HSV2 test you had done an IGG test?
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Never mind, I just saw you mentioned you had already done a test for HSV1 in your original post. Sorry.
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