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Cold sores

I'm pretty desperate and in need of some good advice.
I was 12 when I first got cold sores, and it appeared on my nose and it was huge and nasty. From then they appeared few times, and now this is the third month in a row I got them. I tried everything I could possibly find, all sorts of patches and cremes, I take B complex vitamins on a daily basis, I watch what I eat, I make sure I get enough sleep, I don't want my immune system to get weak. The problem with my cold sores is that they are huge. If they appear on my lip, the entire lip is painful and swollen, can't eat or drink normally, I'm also not comfortable going out in public because it looks like I got really bad lip job done. I even tried to go to doctors to see if there's something she could help me with, like shots or anything, but she told me to put toothpaste over it (tried that numerous times, it helps only when it's almost over, to dry the sores). I'm honestly tired of buying expensive patches and little lotions and feeling tired and weak when they appear.

Does anybody have any sollution that works? Please?
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Hi, firstly you  need to confirm you have herpes with a blood test and a swab of a new sore. Have the lip one swabbed as well as the nose one to make sure there both as should not be appearing in 2 places. If you are confirmed positive and these are infact outbreaks (you should not be having so many) then you can go on antivirals which will help a lot.
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