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Concerned about HSV from oral sex

I reccieved unprotected oral sex in early September. The guy who gave it to me later revealed that he had genital chlamydia. He tested negative for all other stds but he was not tested for hpv or herpes. He has no active lesions and claims he never has but I’m terrified. I experienced a discharge and slight burning and tested negative for STIs and stds at 4 weeks. The doctor tests said I had BV. I was swabbed and be swept my cervix and said all cells were normal. I’m losing my
Mind. I still feel a dry achy-ness after the antibiotics. I’m so scared, as I have not yet had sexual intercourse yet and having hsv is terrifying.

I tested <0.10 for IgG herpes simplex 1 and 2
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Assuming he had oral herpes, which we don't know for sure, the odds you would have been infected is very low. Like one in several thousand. You also have not had obvious symptoms in the first 3-10 days, which I would've expected. You also have negative IgG results, which are not completely conclusive because the IgG hsv1 tests misses about 30% of infections and to be most reliable would need to be taken at 12 weeks, but I really see no need to.

You had a very low risk event, no symptoms and negative blood tests several weeks later. This would be enough evidence for me to conclude I didn't catch herpes if I were somehow in your shoes.

Good luck.
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Okay, thank you. I think Im making myself paranoid.
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