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Concerned if this this genital herpes?

A little back story... I receive laser hair removal treatments for my Brazilian area.. the area between my legs - the crease where my panty line is - is sometimes difficult to treat. I replaced my razor and tried to shave very close there, as my hair was prickly. I know when I shaved, I irritated the area. The next day (this past Thursday) my boyfriend (we've been monogamous since May) gave me a Christmas gift early, a new vibrator. I washed the new toy with toy cleaner and we had a wonderful night. The next morning I was very raw and irritated in that area. It has since gotten a little worse and now when I urinate this spot burns. I wanted to attached a picture, as I hope someone can give me any advice until I can get in with my doctor but can figure out how. I would say there are about 3 small bumps there, very raw and red. I was tested for SDTs in July, swabbed and blood test and everything came back negative. Infidelity has never been a concern, but I'm curious if my boyfriend maybe has GH and didn't know/has never had an outbreak?
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