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Concerned that i might have oral herpes

for the past month I had cold like symptoms including cough, runny nose, sneezing. But I also have a new partner & I performed oral sex & kissed him. My throat has red bumps on the back & a red bump on my uvula. Also, on the roof of my mouth there is a small area that has a little redness & hurts when i suck on anything. At night when I’m sleeping I wake up from my throat being sore & having to blow my nose.

I just want to know if these are signs & symptoms of herpes or any std in my mouth thank you. I would also like to show pictures but I’m not sure how to upload one
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Do you found any lesions on his lips or genital area? If no then the probability of getting it is low. Cough, running nose and sneezing could be caused by cold. If got any new symptoms, feel free to comment here.
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Sounds like maybe you have strep or tonsilitis. Symptoms lasting this long should be checked out by a doctor. Also, when you are sick like this, you shouldn't perform oral on anyone, because some germs can cause genital infections when transmitted via oral sex.

You also shouldn't kiss someone when your sick, but you probably knew that.

I'm not sure which symptoms, if any, appeared after you performed oral, but you should definitely get yourself checked to make sure you don't need antibiotics. If you have strep or something else bacterial, your partner may want to be treated, too.

Feel better soon!
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