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Confused. What could this be? Picture

Thank you for reading.  I am new to this forum and it has been a big help regarding information. I am a 29 year old male living in Louisiana.

About 30 days ago i noticed a small irritation on the shaft of my penis, which now only looks like a small discoloration.  Within the last 3 weeks a few small blisters? have appeared and remained with out any other symptoms. I went to the dermatologist and she said it was nothing to worry about and just an irritation.  She didn't seem thorough and didn't seem like she knew much about stds.

About two weeks ago I started having a dull ache in my left testicle and went to the urologist who diagnosed me with epididymitis and prescribed me an antibiotic. The pain has mostly dissipated.  The urologist also examined me extensively and I specifically showed him the blisters which he did not notice initially.  He also said that  it wasn't an std and that it was probably another skin condition.
  In the last week a couple more blisters have emerged. Unsure if they were there before and I just didn't see them or if they are multiplying. I have not noticed any sores and none of the bumps have grown in size or changed from what I can tell.  Im just looking for another opinion on this matter because i'm lost.

Somethings of note
Have been tested for herpes in past which was negative
only one partner in last four months (mainly unprotected sex)
Battling jock itch all summer.

Thanks for your help.

Here is a picture.

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thank you for your help.
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Hi, when ever we mention blisters the concern of herpes does arise. It would have been best if the doc had swabbed them since they were still active. I would suggest a blood test 8 weeks post exposure as an indictor but i will comment that herpes are not spread out all over the area but are confined to small grouping. If the sores are very spaced about, i would not feel its herpes related but do test to confirm your status. Also genital herpes are often painful as are open sores.
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We don't look at posted photos. This forum has only community volunteers and is not a substitute for direct medical care (as stated very clearly in MedHelp policies etc). From your description, this for sure isn't herpes, which cannot cause continuous symptoms for so long. All herpes episodes go from red bump to blister to open sore to scab to complete healing within 1-2 weeks, rarely as long as 3 weeks. I suggest you return to the urologist.  Good luck.
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