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Confused about my LLG AB results

July 9th 2020 for HVS2 which  was negative doing that time slept with one female... So on July 11th of 21.. I decided to get a hold std panel everything came back negative except Hvs2 which now is positive with a index of 1.17 .. I had a cold sore outbreak when I took the hvs2test .. could be a false negative so I hear blood tests are not always accurate how true is that how do I know im 48 first time ever with a positive hvs2 .please help .
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Assuming you mean an IgG test, that is almost certainly a false positive. A positive range starts at 1.10, and anything under a 3.5 needs to be confirmed.

How long has it been since you had a possible exposure? If it's been longer than 12 weeks, you have a couple of options. You can get another IgG test to see if you get another false positive, which is possible - some people have a completely normal blood protein that trips up the IgG test. It may also come back negative, at which point, you can just move on.

You can also consider getting a Western Blot test. Your doctor can order this for you, or you can go through Terri Warren, at Westover Heights Clinic. You'd have to self-pay, which is expensive, and in the end, it's several hundred dollars. It's all explained here - https://westoverheights.com/getting-a-herpes-western-blot/

You could also consider this a false positive, and move on. If you've had no symptoms, it's a valid option. At 1.17, it's easily an 85-90% chance of a false positive. Maybe you could contact your partner and ask her to test. If she's negative, this could also make this a better option before spending hundreds on a Western Blot.

Try not to panic. This is a fairly common problem with these tests. Let me know what questions you have.

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My partner is getting tested today assuming that the results come back tomorrow I will keep you informed of her results but back to me I do not know when I was exposed to it All I know is I've been sleeping with her in July 2020 at that time it was negative and became positive on July 9th of 2021 I guess since this a low index of 1.17 I should wait the 90 days mark then take the test again also my doctor want me to take a PCP test have no idea what it is but I'm going to do my research and move forward with that and hopefully a smile can come back to my face thank you in advance
Also I never have any other symptoms from hvs2 that is why I'm so confused I understand people do not always have symptoms when it come to the virus like I mentioned before I have been positive for HVS1 my entire life and at the time of the test there was a cold sore wondering if they had anything to do with the results being positive Herpes simplex type 1 and type 1 IgG antibody test. What's the test performed..
I do apologize it's a PCR test I'm doing my research as we speak on that test ..thanks
If your partner is negative, there is no need to do all this stuff. It means you have a false positive.

Do you mean a PCR swab? That is a really sensitive swab that can detect the virus when there are no symptoms, but you have to be shedding the virus, and that doesn't happen every day. If it's a PCR blood test, that's a waste of time, because herpes doesn't live in the blood. Your test will be negative. I've had hsv2 for almost 20 years, and my PCR blood test would also be negative.

There is a theory that having hsv1 can cause false positives on the hsv2 blood test. It could also be a completely normal blood protein that some people have that trips it up. We also see it happen in 1st generation Americans.

Your doctor should skip all these other pointless tests and do the Western Blot.

If your doctor is diagnosing and treating STDs, they should be familiar with the CDC's STD Treatment Guidelines. It's the absolute standard of care for STDs.

"he most commonly used test, HerpeSelect HSV-2 Elisa might be falsely positive at low index values (1.1–3.5) (334-336). Such low values should be confirmed with another test, such as Biokit or the Western blot (337)."

That's about 1/4 of the way down on this page - https://www.cdc.gov/std/tg2015/herpes.htm

The BioKit is harder to find now. If your doctor wants to order a WB test - https://depts.washington.edu/herpes/pages/hsv_resources - 3rd item listed on this page.

All of the testing is explained in the Herpes Handbook - https://westoverheights.com/herpes/the-updated-herpes-handbook/

Hang in there. I know it's a lot, and it's confusing.

It very confusng I can't move forward until my partner results come back..I so confused with the 1.17 results...will keep u posted..can I bypass my Dr and go for the wb.
PCR will be a blood test since I'm not having outbreaks as we speak for a PCR swab test so confuse
PCR will be a blood test since I'm not having outbreaks as we speak for a PCR swab test so confuse
Still so crazy that my partner have not took her test I'm curious now very curious please ease my mind I have not took my second PCR test yet waiting on her to confirm her status what should I do next Thanks in advance
Don't do the PCR blood test. It will be negative, and a waste of time and money.

You can bypass your doctor and do the WB with Terri Warren, but you'll have to self pay, and it's expensive. https://westoverheights.com/getting-a-herpes-western-blot/ It's all listed out there. If you can afford it, go for it.

Is there a reason your partner hasn't tested yet?
Hello I have no idea why she have not to the blood test yet...All I can do is worry abt my health now.... wondering how long does it take for antibiotics to build up from a i1.17 index.im going to go and take PCR test  on the 28th ..pray it's a negative false...since it's already paid for...then I will shoot for the wb..I still don't have hvs2 Symptoms
The PCR blood test is going to be negative, because herpes doesn't live in the blood. Can you cancel that and get a refund?

If you were developing antibodies, those develop by 12 weeks. 70% are positive by 6 weeks. Many are sooner.
Hey - a couple of us commented on your question in Men's Health about your spots. I think autocorrect got you, and we are stumped.

I do apologize for autocorrect was on but I figure out what it was sorry about the confusion concerning the PCR test I will cancel it and hopefully get a refund Thanks for letting me know
No worries - I hope you get the refund. :)
My partner finally tested .. hvs2 came back at a index of 13.78 crazy .. so with that being said I know I have hvs2 with my low index of 1.17 .. so what would be the next thing that you suggest besides taking the WB Happy Friday
How can I never received a positive result when it come to a hvs2 like I said before my partner test results came back at 13 .75 I tested July 2020 with a negative results tested again on July  21  what a positive result..so my question is prior to taking a test in July 2020 how come I wasn't positive then when her already positive with her not knowing I'm so confused please help me understand how come I was not positive prior to taking the test July 2020 which was negative I mention this to say that I've been with my partner for over 25 years never once had a symptoms results too herpes
You don't know that you have it. I was with my ex for 6 years before I got herpes. Just because you have sex with someone with herpes doesn't mean you'll get it - most often, you won't. People with herpes aren't infectious all the time. They most often aren't.

Get the Western Blot. Find out for sure.
Thanks for replying back 13.75 is a high index number correct..if that the case she  had it for years but I was not infect by it wondering why.....?
How long should wait before taking the WB ... I talked to someone at  Washington and they will be mailing me a kit should be arriving in 3 weeks t... if my doctor don't  want order it how would I be able to get a doctor to order it.. I cannot get a refund for the PCR test she want me to take that test I rather take the WB please enlighten me on what should I do next thank you.
It is a high number, but it doesn't indicate the length of infection. You could have it for 3 months and get a high number. We have no test that can tell someone how long they've had it. She could test today and get a different number. It would still be positive, but she might get an 11.9 or something.

People with herpes aren't infectious at all times. There is something called asymptomatic viral shedding. This is when the virus is present on the skin but no symptoms are there. This doesn't happen every day. How often she sheds depends on how long she's had it, but an average for ghsv2 is 15-30% of days a year, which is about 55-110 days a year.

When shedding happens, it doesn't happen for a full 24 hour period. It might be for a few hours, or several hours, and they may not be shedding enough to transmit. We don't even know how much is enough to transmit, and it might be different for everyone and different for different circumstances.

It's more likely that you wouldn't get it than you would. In a long-term, monogamous relationship, where all you do is avoid sex during symptoms, men have a 4% chance of getting herpes from an infected female partner, assuming sex 2-3x a week.

Thanks ....for the info concerning WB how long should I before I test the test...it beening two week since my Dr told me abt my results... No refund will be giving when it come to the PCR test..I read the PCR test is REAL the if the read it correctly..Thanks again for all the info u give me abt this hvs2.
Hello I finally got the WB kit... It has been 30 days since I found out index of 1.17 I do not know what it is now but how long should I wait before I take the WB ..
You should take the WB 12 weeks from your last possible exposure. You can take it now.

As to the PCR blood test -



The PCR swab is very accurate. The PCR blood test is not.

Good afternoon I'm confused should I wait another 90 days with 30 days already passed which mean I have 60 days to go you mentioned that I should take the test then or now do you think my antibodies went up from 1.17 please give me your feedback
Please don't continue to repost your responses until someone answers. We answer as volunteers and do so on our own time.

Your partner is positive, correct? Are you still with her? Test at any time.

No I'm not with her I do apologize
Okay, if you aren't with her any longer, then test whenever you'd like.

I hope you didn't end things because of herpes. That would be a real shame if it was a good relationship.
Hello Aunt Jessie I'm back so I'm trying to see what is the difference between HSV TYPES 1 AND 2 AB, IGG, S  My results came back negative on  9/16/21 on that test ..But on 7/13/21 the regular HVS Igg @1.17 can I say I'm in the clear because the negative came back yesterday as a false positive thank you in advance... Still with no symptoms in the genital area
If you had an IgG and came back negative, that means you don't have it. It means your earlier test was a false positive. You are in the clear.

Congrats :)
Thanks ..
My last question how come my partner has it but I don't... Curious to hear  the answer.. her index was 13 something  which is very high..
I've already explained this.

Herpes isn't contagious all the time. There is something asymptomatic viral shedding that only happens part of the time. People who have herpes are infectious when they have shedding and when they have outbreaks. We don't know how much shedding has to happen to transmit, and it may be different for different people.

Either your partner wasn't shedding when you had sex, and I'm guessing she didn't have outbreaks.

The transmission rates for an infected female to an uninfected male is only about 4% a year if all you do is avoid sex during an outbreak. It's not nearly as likely as you think. If you had a good relationship with her, I'm sorry it's over, if it only ended because of herpes.

I've seen many higher than 13something, too. It doesn't mean a thing in regards to how contagious someone is.
Hello I got a question for you so on July 9th 2021 I took a HPS to test IGG AB came back positive for the index of 1.17 and then on August 25th 21 I took a PCR DNA test which came back negative on September 13th 21 I took a Hvs2  IGG AB serum test came back negative with no index on November 8th I took a hvs 2 igg ab serum test.. so since July 9th of 21 I have not been intimate with anyone until Can I consider myself to be negative or should I go ahead and take another test to be accurate on my results thank you in advance
I told you in Sept of last year that you were negative. What was your result in Nov? I'm assuming it was negative.

Your 1.17 was a false positive test. You didn't need another test after the one in Sept. You can let it go now.
I understand what you told me back then I'm just trying to make sure that it's negative The test I took in November was a Hvs2 IGG AB serum time with no index number but that was negative as well wondering how come this particular test does not give index number I heard this is  one  of the best test besides the WB test Can you put your input on that why it does not give an index sorry for bothering you ..AGAIN
Some tests don't give an index value - it depends on the lab and the way they order and report the results. It doesn't matter as long as it's negative. The index value only matters if you're positive.

You can let it go now.
Will do thanks u.
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