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Confused about redness on penis

I have recently been using Aldara cream to try and eliminate my genital warts (HPV).  Although the warts minimised in size after three months my doctor told me to stop using aldara because of the ineffectiveness and incredible sores and lesions that i endured whilst treatment.  He reccomended me to a dermatologist for the treatment of the HPV.  The problem here to me is not entirely the warts, but after ending the aldara treatment i am experiencing redness around the areas of treatment and also other areas.  The redness looks to be spreading like spots differing in size. I have had protected sex twice in the last couple of months and i am worried about STD's. Could this be a primary herpes outbreak or is it normal for the skin to react this way after ending aldara treatment? I experience minimal itching which i always have and no pain but to touch the affected ares is a little tender.
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Aldara can be very hard on the skin.  Its doubtful this is herpes, but you should have your doc take a look.

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I am in a similar situation. I used the aldara cream, it got rid of my wart without causing major side effects, but I broke out into a red rash about a week after i stopped using it. the rash started on the area where i was using the aldara and then spread to surrounding areas. it doesn't hurt that much and I don't have any blisters or sores or anything but it does itch a little and feel irritated.
I've been experiencing this rash for about a month now, and i too am worried it is herpes, but i hope it's not.
i've read other places where people experience similar symptoms, and they went to their doctor and it wasn't herpes. i've also read other places that claim that aldara can trigger latent herpes outbreaks, but i don't know if i believe them.  
let me know how it goes!
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