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Confused about what is going on with me, is this related to HSV1, HSV2?.

Up until 2 months ago I was an athletic mid-40's male.  I was dating a woman that had HSV-2.  She told me she was taking suppressive therapy in the form of acyclovir.  I was told by a doctor 10+ years ago I had oral herpes.  About 4 months ago I had a strange rash develop around my face.  It was very light sensitive.  My derm told me it was only perioral dermititis and not herpes.  This rash persisted for several months and about 2 months ago I started to get strange pains in my legs.  I decided to take a blood test and I was positive HSV1 IGG 15.2 and positive HSV2 IGG 1.1.  The only lesion I can think of was only my leg just above my right knee, but it went away after about a week.  I immediately went on 2000 mg acyclovir then switched to 2grams valcyclovir.  I took this for 2-3 weeks.  During this time the pain in my legs persisted along with weakness in my legs.  I also started to get tingling in my arms, back, lower legs, and in my forehead and down the right side of my face.  The crazy thing is my tongue also turned white during this time.  I went to my primary who told me I probably had been exposed to HSV2 a long time ago and it never had been active.  She did some bloodwork and referred me to a neurologist.  The neurologist did an EMG test, took xrays of my spine, and sent me to have a brain MRI done.  I have not heard the results of any of these tests.  The only blood test that came back abnormal was my vitamin b levels were through the roof.  B6 was in the 90's when norm is 5-48 on this test.  I was taking vitamin b supplements because I read lack of vitamin B can cause nerve damage.  Now I have read, too much vitamin b can cause nerve damage.  I have also been to an Infectious Disease specialist who is running tests.  So far my primary says my HIV, Syphilis, Lymes, RH are all negative.  To this day I am having leg weakness, twitching in both calves, tingling in shoulders and arms, arm weakness, pain in both forearms,pain in thighs, and weird dull ache in right upper lymph node groin area.  I am waiting to hear from ID about EBV and Cytomegolovirus.  I am also taking a home stool test to see if there are yeast issues in my intestine.  Currently I am taking 400mg x 2 a day acyclovir at the advice of the ID provider until he can get more answers.  
Could all this be associated with HSV1 and HSV2?
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These are not symptoms of HSV1 or HSV2.

Your HSV2 test is most probably a false positive.

I'd keep going with your doctors diagnosis pathway and see what the spinal tests in particular indicate.
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Thank you Fleetwood20 for your response.  I will followup with my primary, Neuro, and ID specialist to hopefully get some answers.
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