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Confused about where genital hsv1 came from

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years, about a month ago I had my first genital outbreak . I immediately accused him of cheating to which he swears on everything he's never cheated on me . He offered to find a place to have a lie detector test done and the whole nine yards .. after doing a ton of research I learned all the facts- it can live dormant in your body and yada yada .. so we both get blood tested and I get swabbed - the swab confirmed that it's hsv 1 .. my blood work came back negative so I was told this is something new to my body and hasn't been living dormant .. my boyfriend and I just assumed he was the carrier and that his bloodwork should show up as positive, (after alot of thought he recalls having cold sore like things on his lips a few times when he was younger but never thought it was herpes) .. His blood work came back completely negative . They told us he had no history of antibodies whatsoever ..  my question is : could our blood work be wrong ? Or is it 100% he slept with someone else and gave it to me .. he's being very supportive and promises he's hasn't touched another person since we met .. it's really breaking my heart not to believe him since we have a happy and healthy relationship and I never ever suspected him of being unfaithful until now .. please help .
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So, genital hsv1.  And the only person you've had oral sex with is your boyfriend? He's had cold sores in the past? I'd not assume he is cheating if you got genital hsv1.  The percentage of the population on the planet that has hsv 1 is huge and many got it as little children.  It's strange he didn't test positive for hsv 1.  I'd consider his retesting.  
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Thanks for the response ! .. I've had 3 other sexual partners in the past and received oral from 2 of them , but  I havnt touched another person in over 3 years .. he's not 100% sure what showed up on his lips as a kid was hsv ... and to add: about a week after my genital outbreak he got a cold sore on his mouth which is what made him think about the "cold sore" like things on his lips in the past . He also got the classic cold like symptoms along with the cold sore , which indicates an initial outbreak right ? ... am I the one who's blood work was wrong ? . .
He's never had any symptoms on his genitals .
I just want to add that the IgG blood test misses up to 30% of hsv1 infections. So, I'm not sure I would conclude you or your boyfriend haven't been infected for a longer time or that your boyfriend cheated on you.  
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