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Confused and scared

I just had intercourse with a female escort and the condom Broke  briefly  While I was penetrating her.(this only lasted for a few seconds).after I noticed blood on the condom. She told me she ended her cycle today and she is clean.  I’m honestly super scared and need advice what are my odds of contrasting hsv1 or 2 or any STD ? Please help  
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If the exposure was just for a few seconds, the chances of you getting anything from this are slim.

How did the condom break? Where was the rip?

If the head of your penis was covered, you don't have to worry about gonorrhea, chlamydia, HIV.

HSV1 is only transmitted by oral sex. If you didn't receive oral sex, hsv1 isn't a concern.

Even while using a condom, there is still a low chance you could get hsv2, syphilis and HPV.

A few seconds isn't really anything to be worried about.
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The condom kind of split open, my head was exposed. It probably ripped because of  roughness. My main concern  is the blood mainly , I don’t have any open sores around my gen tail area but the condom did rip and my head was exposed so I’m just really worried.
Thank you for the reply too Jessi
You still think the chances are slim ?

Most people don't have HIV, so the chances that your partner did is slim.

Escorts use condoms to protect themselves from you - their clients. They aren't so much worried about your health as much as theirs. They have to protect their livelihoods. Their jobs depend on it.

Herpes requires some friction to transmit, and 5 seconds of contact without a condom probably won't transmit it.

I understand the blood is scary. We've all been told to avoid other people's blood. Her blood would still have to get into your urethra, and enough of it would have to get in so enough of the virus would be able to get in to infect you - 5 seconds probably wouldn't do that.

You can still test for gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU, mycoplasma genitalium, HIV, and herpes if you want. The chances of you getting any of them are slim.
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