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Confused with meaning of Equivocal HSV 2 results, should I Worry?

So I have recently been tested for stds, using the igG test. I provided two samples of blood and urine. I got my test back saying I was negative for everything but HSV 1 and HSV 2. I got a positive for HSV 1, which I expected because I had cold sores outbreaks since elementary. I got a 1.01 for HSV 2, which is listed at equivocal. The guy who read my results told me I should assume positive, despite clearly being under. I consulted with 2 doctors on demand and sent my results. They told me it’s PROBABLY negative since nine months of my only encounter, I had no symptoms leading up to the test. I find it hard that I got an indefinite with the time frame of nine months since possible exposure. However, I still am nervous and want to know should I be? The results has made me worried and confused. Thank you in advance!
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I would say that with no symptoms, and no other reason to think you have hsv2, you should read it as negative. Most experts in the field think anything under a 3.5 should be considered suspect, especially in the presence of hsv1, which you have. They feel the 1.10 cut off for positive is too low.

There are some who feel that without symptoms, herpes blood testing shouldn't be done. I can see their point, because of situations like yours. It can end up in an anxiety spiral of retests, etc. You can retest if you'd like, but unless you know of a partner you've had that's positive, I don't see a big need for it.

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Thanks, they tested the blood twice to confirm and both came back equivocal.
I’ve read that if retested and still equivocal then present it as a negative, so thank you!
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Thanks, they retested the blood to confirm and that was the result I got. I guess I was shaken because I wasn’t 1.1 or higher, yet I was told I was straight out positive by the tester.
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Auntiejessi why arent you recommending that he take thr western blot? I have seen throughout thr forum and people are told to retest the same test.

Anyway the westernblot should be taken to rule this out @luca122
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Because there isn't any reason to take the western blot. There's no indication that he has genital herpes - no symptoms, no known exposure to someone who is positive, and the test is barely equivocal. If he had higher results, I'd suggest the WB.

The western blot is hard to get, costs a lot, and doesn't need to happen for every situation.
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