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Confused with symptoms

I had a one night stand with my wife from whom I am currently separated and have been for 10 weeks. Unknown to me, she has been sleeping with 1 other guy for the past month or so. About 12-18 hours after sex I notised a "raw'" spot on my shaft and 18 hours after that(36 total) a rash with a few sporadic small bumps. similar to other rashes. the rash was between a quarter and half dollar size, starting on the circumsion line and ending at the ridge of the head. While having sex twice on that night I did notice some yellowish chessy small discharge from her and a reddish vagina. My first wife had several yeast infections and it looked similar. I brought this up to my wife at the 36 hour mark on my way to the doctor. She check more and said she has been itching and found a few whiteish pieces of discharge. The PA that saw me took a urine test and said it was too early for it to be herpes as the incubation period is longer than 12-18 hours. She went to take a swab anyhow and looked at the rash with the little random bumps and call the rash "unremarkable" and did not take a swab. she said it did not look like herpes and i sould not worry. At No time have I had any clusters or sores or waterly blisters, or pain, just irritation. We will call doctor visit day1 and day of sex and syptoms D-Day, on day 3 I did some reasearch and found I could get a yeast infectiona dn it can easily be mistaken for herpes. Due to the odds of my wife having a yeast infection based on what I saw, i bought some generic monistat 7 and began using it x2 daily on day 3, on day 5 I had a follow up doctor appt and the urine came back negative for Gonorrhea, Chlymidia, and 1 other one. There the doctor, not the nurse asked me if the cream was working and I said I think so(only 2days on it). She looked at the rash and said she was concerned that it might be herpes and did a swab, she did say have faith and it does not have to be herpes. Morning of day 6, remarkable improvement in rash 85% better, Day 7 95% better, stopped cream as it was really irritaing my skin. Now today is day 8 rash is basically gone one spot has a little open blister right where the raw spot was on d day. But looks more like raw skin and damaged skin from possibly having the cream on it constatly for 5 days. reminds me of a small foot blister not an ulcer. I have gotton cold sores for 30 years and shingles on my upper eye lid about every 4-5 years for the last 20 years. This rash was not like any of that, again no pain, no clustering, no sores on the rash, no fever. Nothing that reminded me of herpes. My wife also went to the doctor today and they stated that she has some discharge, but it did not look like herpes. The man she has been with was shocked and said he has never had and signs of any std. I am thinking yeast infection because the incubation period fits and so do the symptoms (I have read that yeast infections and or monistat can cause a blister). Also I will add I bever saw this"blister" in a blister form, just some moist skin that is damaged and looks "torn away" leaving some raw skin exposed, no ulcer syptoms. Sorry for the long question. looking to calm my anxiety. Thanks.
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she should pursue full testing at the appropriate times since she's had another partner. she can test for chlamydia, gonorrhea and trich anytime after 1 week after she had sex with a different partner.  syphilis after 6 weeks. herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months.

as for yourself, your gonorrhea and chlamydia testing was done a bit early too. I'd repeat it later on just to be sure. you can follow up with the other testing at the appropriate times yourself too if you aren't sure if she will and/or don't trust that she'd be honest with you about her results.

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Thanks for your response, She evidently did get testing done when she went in yesterday to determine the source of the discharge. She then mentioned to me that the doctor said it did not look like herpes. I will talk to my doctor next week about another urine test. My swab test will be back next week as well. With what I told you do you believe I might be on the right track that it is probably not herpes. Again, looking just to calm some anxiety. Thanks for your time Grace

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