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I have been with one woman sexually my whole life for 25 years.  I was negative for HSV1 but had a level of 4 for HSV2, out of range.  She tested negative for HSV2.  I have never had any genital outbreaks of any sort.  I have had a wierd rash ( no blisters) on my buttocks infrequently.  I have had the rash biopsied 3 times and no HSV.  Both of my doctors have told me that I do not have HSV2 and that the blood test is notoriously inaccurate.

I noticed the rash after using a tanning bed.  Can you get HSV from a tanning bed?
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I encourage you to seek out a herpes WB blood test to confirm your status for sure at this point.

no, you won't contract herpes from a tanning bed.

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Thanks.  Will do.  If the only person I have been with sexually doesnt have it as confirmed by blood test and you cannot get it from a tanning bed, how would I have it?
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