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Confusing HSV-2 antibodies test result.

Hi, I'm in China. I met a girl in Nov 2013. Then she became my girlfriend. Later we have unprotected sex relationship in Dec 2013, protected sex relationship on Apr 26, 2014 and May 2, 2014.

Before that two protected sex relationship, we both had blood test for HSV, including Trinity HSV 1 Type Specific IgG,  HSV 2 Type Specific IgG and HSV 1 IgM, HSV 2 IgM. The results for my girlfriend and me came back the same, HSV-1 IGG Positive, HSV-2 IGG Negative, HSV 1 IGM Negative,  HSV 2 IGM Negative.

However, after the  two protected sex relationship, I felt a little burning in my right groin since May 3, 2014. Later, on May 9, I found a little red pimple on it. And till now it still burns a little, but the red pimple is gone.  I went to the same hospital again to have HSV tests on May 10, 2014, one day after I found the red pimple. I had two tests, one is blood HSV anti-bodies test, the other is HSV PCR-DNA test.

HSV PCR-DNA test resulted in Negative(0 *10^5).
Blood HSV anti-bodies test resulted in HSV 2 IGM Positive(0.83), HSV 2 IGG Negative(0.03), HSV 1 IGM Negative(0.69), HSV 2 IGG Negative(0.45), the cut-off is 0.6. I showed these test results to my doctor, he just pointed at the IGM 2 Positive(+), and said, it's herpes. Then I showed him DNA result, he still insisted on the diagnose he made before, it's herpes.

Well, since that, I get confused.

1) The previous test results for my girlfriend and me came back as Negative for HSV 2 IGG. How did I get infected in HSV 2? Will it be a false positive in HSV 2 IGM test result? OR am I newly infected?

2) Since all the tests are conducted in the same hospital. Previous HSV 1 IGG came back as Positive, but this time turned out to be Negative. It is said IGG can be found for the whole life. Why, why is that to be Negative this time?

3) Do I need to worry about it for a longer time, which means I need to take a longer-time blood test? If needed, for how long to wait? And this is the suggestion I am desired to know.

I am really frustrated all these days. It seems to be a disaster to me. Please help me.Thank you a lot with my grateful heart.
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was the pcr test a blood test or a lesion culture?

it's too early for herpes igg blood testing to be done - you need to wait at least 3 months post encounter for it to be accurate. a + igm at this point may or may not be accurate due to the false positive issues with the blood test.  

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The PCR tested a lesion culture.

And, in my situation, my girlfriend and I were both tested for HSV antibodies earlier, with IGG both negative. (It has been done in the time  more than 3 months since we know each other, and I can ensure we both do not have any other sex with other people since we met.)

I need your advice.

Thank you.
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I am sorry. The PCR tested a lesion swab.

In addition, we both do not have any sex with others before we met.

So, Since we had tests before with negative IGG results, in your opinion, will I have the chance to get HSV 2 infected?
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