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Constant symptoms for months Herpes??? Please help!

I’m really trying to get an answer because the doctors aren’t helping at all.

I had unprotected intercourse about 18 months ago. I started to experience a slight pulling pain on the right side of my groin so I went to get tested for STIs/STDs. I was given antibiotics as a precaution (Doxl) for two weeks.. all my tests came back negative. My skin started to feel really sensitive skin in my groin, thighs and lower stomach to the point where clothes feel really uncomfortable, almost like I’ve got sand between my clothes and skin. I don’t have that pulling feeling, however I still have the sensitive skin issue along with twitches in the groin area.. this has lasted for 18 months now and no one seems to know what it is! My left testicle hurts and seems to sweat or feel sticky in comparison to my right testicle, I’m going in for a Scan to see if this is related to varicose veins but it’s strange that this started at the same time as all my other symptoms. I have noticed that I sometimes get a single red spot just above the pubic line (4 single spots over 18 months) which stings when I touch it, it’s not filled with fluid or anything, just looks like a spot. I also have deap pains in my hips and thighs which again has been pretty constant for the past 18 months. Since all this started I have also been getting spots on my head but not sure if this is related!?

I haven’t been tested for Herpes because the doctor doesn’t think it’s from herpes but I keep relating it to herpes and it’s killing any potential romance with anyone because I’m scared of infecting anyone!

It’s worth noting that I’ve tried anti fungal creams but has no success!

It’s been 18 months of hell for me because I just don’t know what’s causing all these skin related issues and I’m terrified of infecting anyone!

Any advice would be much appreciated!! Thanks
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I'm not sure what is causing your symptoms, but it does not sound like herpes. You need to see a specialist.

You didn't state your sex, but what you describe sounds almost like a prostate issue if you are male.

Please be kind to yourself and get in the habit of always using condoms with partners of unknown STD status.  Good luck.
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Yes I am a male aged 34.

I’m having a scan today of my left testicle to see if the pain is related to varicose veins but I guess that still doesn’t really cover the sensitive skin issue on both inner thighs, groin and stomach.

I’ve had a number of STI/STD tests over the past 18 months and all negative but the only one I have never been tested for is Herpes.

On the flip side, could all this be stressed related? I dont think it is but I’ve heard stress can create weird symptoms.
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Hi, I've also had deep pains in my hips and thighs coming and going, sometimes like a burning sensation for the past year, along with frequent tingling/crawling sensation in the same area of skin. I am symptomatic every single day, and sometimes have flu-like symptoms for a week with more intense burning in my thighs. I NEVER have lesions. Rarely, a small spot of skin is a little bit red for a day or two. Did you get any confirmation? Any more information?
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Unfortunately not, I’ve been looking for an answer for 2 years now. Doctors look at me like I’m an alien and no one else seems to know what’s going on.

I have never had lesions either but my skin on both inner thighs, lower belly and groin area feel like they are sunburnt and feels uncomfortable running against clothes - this is everyday and does seem to be worse in the evening after a long day. The occasional deep pains are still there as well...

Have you ever been tested for Herpes? I don’t think herpes symptoms are so consistent but it’s the only thing that causes the nerve pain and twitches.

Another thing I was thinking is I was on doxy for 6 weeks due to the initial pulling pain, could the antibiotic cause nerve damage? Not sure..

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