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Convinced It's NOT Genital Herpes, But Looking For Solid Confirmation

I had unprotected intercourse with a supposedly STD free male about a month ago. I have 1, sometimes 2 small open sores at the opening of my vagina. Day to to day they appear and disappear, with really no pattern and hurting only slightly to the touch. There is no blister or bump that precedes it. They look like "cuts" more than anything. In every definition of genital herpes I read, a red bump (or cluster) that rises from under the skin signals the beginning of an outbreak. Does this mean I do not have herpes?
Also, I had unprotected oral sex following that first encounter, so could this be HSV 1 showing up on my genitals? Is that serious?
Another factor to add in is that I was diagnosed with HPV a year ago. I did have one outbreak of warts. The slight pain and appearance of these sores remind me of when my HPV warts were first developing, however I have not developed any warts this time around!
I've seen a doctor, but the sore was extra small the day I went in and she dismissed it as irritation.
I truly appreciate any help that is given to me regarding these questions. Thank you so much!
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since you had unprotected sex, you can follow up with testing at the appropriate times. you can get tested for chlamydia, gonorrhea and trich any time after 1 week post encounter. syphilis after 6 weeks. herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months.

did they do any testing for yeast and bacterial infections vaginally when you were seen?

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Hi grace,
I did get some testing done that day. My Chlamydia and Gonorrhea have already came back negative. I'm still waiting on Syphilis and HIV results. Herpes was not tested (I guess the policy is don't ask, don't test).

You know what, I have a constant yeast infection from my birth control pills. So regular that I just try to ignore it, but I think that might be my problem. Through more searching I found a forum of women who have the same symptoms as me and they've narrowed the reason down to candida bacteria. Supposedly the dry discharge causes dry skin and tearing around that area. So I'm going to look into some treatments for that.

Thank you.
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it's only been a month since the encounter so it's too early for most testing.  

if you are prone to vaginal yeast, have you ever tried taking femdophilus by jarrow?  it's a probiotic that has been shown to replace "good" bacteria to help keep vaginitis minimal. also sometimes changing birth control helps too.
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I have switched birth control once, but only experienced a slight improvement. I've never tried taking femdophilus but I am Googling right now.

Much appreciated.
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I buy it from amazon myself. also store it in the fridge after you get it too :)  you take it twice a day until you've been vaginitis free for a few months and then go down to daily to help ward off yeast over growth.
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you are too kind
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