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Could I have Herpes?

I recently have been extremely sick with a really sore throat, extreme tiredness, and night sweats.  Going to the hospital I was diagnosed with Strep Throat and a UTI.  My real doctor looked at the exams and had me come in saying I didn't have a UTI.  My strep test came back negative but I have taken medicine for it and my throat is better but I'm still really tired.  My doctor questioned my sexual history and did an exam.  He said it looked like I had a yeast infection and he also took a culture and ordered blood work to test for herpes.  He said he saw some sores on my labia.  He also ordered blood work for Mono.  I called and all my tests came back negative including the herpes culture and blood work.  I've been putting neosporin all around my genitals because it has been generally sore and irritated and that has provided SO much relief.  My doctor is gone for a week and I can't wait any longer, do you think I have genital herpes or could this just be a bad virus combined with an untreated yeast infection?
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I'd also like to add that I've only had sexual intercourse with  a boy I dated for several months.  My first contact with him was the middle of this past March.
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do you know what blood work was done?

did they treat you for yeast?

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No, I'm unsure what blood work was done. And I think I was given several pills for the untreated yeast infection
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Still unsure of blood work, but I didn't get anything for the yeast infection. Also, the only boy I've had sex with came back with a negative herpes test (don't know what kind)
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