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Could I have herpes itch with no visible symptoms?

I’m worried I may have acquired herpes.

I had unprotected sex 6 days ago. Two days afterwards I began to feel an itching/pain in my groin area that intensified the following day.

I kept checking the area and there was no swelling, redness, rash, or bumps or any kind.

Over the next couple days the pain subsided a little but, today, is still there.

Every so often I get a twinge of pain on the tip of my penis and in my testicles.

Is it possible to have herpes pain and itching without any visible symptoms?

I should also note that these symptoms coincided with an unexplainable bout of diarrhea that’s only just now starting to get better.

Not sure if that’s relevant.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I don't know if this helps or not, but my boyfriend was showing very similar symtoms and I ended up getting HSV-2 from him.
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Did he ever get redness, a rash, or any kind of bumps? What was his pain like and how long did it last?
He didn't have any rash, pimples, or bumps. He looked perfectly fine, he described the pain as kind of dull. From what I remember, it lasted around a few days.
Had he recently had sex with someone else? How do you know you got it from him?

Also, my pain has since gone but it was definitely more of a burning pain and pretty painful. Was that your boyfriends experience?
He's never had sex with anyone but me. He's had symptoms of herpes way before we got together, we just never realized they were symptoms at the time. We don't know how he could've gotten it.

He had some pain on his tip and base, and complained about his underwear making it worse. His pain lasted for around 6-8 days but I'm not 100% sure of the burning, he was only my best friend at the time when this happened and I couldn't get more information out of him.

I talked to him though but all I could get him to remember was that there were no pimples.

I'm 100% sure I got it from him because I have never started showing possible symptoms until I lost my virginity to him. Before that I hadn't had any sort of sexual contact.
Well, I appreciate your comments but I’m very confused. I don’t believe a virgin (your boyfriend) can have herpes unless they got it from their mother at birth. Are you sure he has it? In all these years he’s never had sores? How do you know you have it? Did you get sores?
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I had been diagnosed with herpes for one year. I didnt have any cold sores.
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Did you have any other symptoms?
3 days after exposure, i had pimple-like white pus on top of my mouth and tingling feeling for a week. Currently i did not take any medication for herpes.
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If you have no sores, you can wait two or three months to get blood tests for herpes, IgG and IgM tests may find out antibodies of herpes in your body. But it's more accurate with a swab test when you show up herpes blisters or sores
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HSV2 can give these symptoms. I remember having terrible diarrhoea and burning in penis within few hours after exposure. The diarrhoea lasted 2 weeks, no medication helped, it stopped on its own. Almost a year now, still no blisters and sores. It's just the daily burning sensation in the penis.
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Thanks for your insight but I’d be interested to hear what a doc has to say about this. From what I’ve read, it’s impossible for you to show symptoms of HSV within a few hours of exposure. The virus has an incubation period of 2 days, minimum. There’s a very small chance it could be as short as 24 hours, but no way it would be less than that. Also, constant burning in the penis does not sound like herpes either. Have you been checked for prostitis or a pelvic nerve disfunction?
Vhum i am dealing with the burning penis as well.  Mine started within 2 days after exposure to HSV2.  I have yet to be diagnosed by a blood test even after 16 weeks, but I’m almost certain that the HSV2 is the reason for my symptoms.  I got terrible constipation a week or so after my exposure and my bowel movements have never really completely returned to normal.  Also get back pain that goes away for a few days to a week at the most and then returns.  Were you actually ever diagnosed clinically with HSV?  And if so was it the IGG blood test? You said you’ve never had blisters so I’m assuming no swab for you.
There is no infection - STD or otherwise - that can give you symptoms within a few hours with the exception of food poisoning, which could absolutely cause diarrhea.

There are LOTS of things that can be causing these symptoms for you all, and herpes is way down on the list. Even if you do have herpes, it's worth it to not focus on that as the only possible cause. See a gastroenterologist for bowel symptoms, a neurologist for nerve pains, and ask your regular docs to do a digital prostate exam (with a finger). An inflamed prostate or anal fissure can cause a lot of these symptoms.

RainyDay - a test after 16 weeks is conclusive. Just because you may have been exposed doesn't mean you are infected. (I don't know what your possible exposure was, so I can't comment on that.)

In my situation, I'm still struggling to understand everything. The symptoms (burning sensation and diarrhoea) showed on the same day after exposure, hardly 12 hours. My thinking was that I was exposed to high amount of virus, don't know if that's correct. I did every feasible culture/blood test to check for other possible infections but all returned negative. 4 months later, HSV2 igG came positive. This is the time I started having severe muscle aches and body itching.
It's almost a year now. The burning sensation was severe at the initial 2 months but it's mild now. It never stopped, it just intensifies once in a while with itching and muscle aches. So I consider this as my outbreak, even though I am not getting blisters/sores. Now the burning has extended to my face and lips.  I guess the herpes was transmitted both orally and genitally at the same time. Note that the facial/lips burning came in much later.
Auntiejessi recently drew my attention to a possible prostate infection as the persistent burning is not typical of herpes. I'll follow up on that with a detailed medical exam soon. I never had any symptoms whatsover prior to the herpes exposure. Hardly did I even catch cold in a year.
I believe you Vhum when you say your symptoms are cause by the herpes virus. My situation is the same. I was perfectly healthy, no problems whatsoever.  Got exposed to HSV2 after condom broke, been dealing with all these symptoms directly after.  Only difference is my IGG test is still negative.  
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I have also had these symptoms for over a year now. Constant Burning penis, diarrhea 2 days after exposure, constant irritation in throat,gums,cheeks ,burning feet, hands, legs, back pain, rash on neck, tested for everything including herpes all negative, no sore except one or two pimples in groin just after exposure... sounds like hsv???
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Sounds like a nerve disorder. I have a pelvic floor disorder that includes nerve pain. A burning sensation is a typical sign of neuropathy, especially in your extremities.
Agreed. Your negative herpes tests tell you that it's not herpes.
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