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Could I have hsv 1 on my penis ?

Hi as I stated before on a previous post me and my girlfriend been together one year and we both just did routine std testing and we both came back positive for hsv 1 , she had cold sores as a kid I never remember ever getting a cold sore in my life so now I’m worried I might’ve gotten hsv 1 on my penis area , I’ve experience some itching on my penis and in my scrotum area no open sores just a irritating itch that comes and goes , could this be hsv 1 on my penis ?
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Most people - 90% - with oral hsv1 never get symptoms. It's possible to have herpes of either type without outbreaks (sores), but if you haven't had sores, it's really very unlikely that you'd have any kind of symptoms.

Even if you did have it genitally, because your gf has hsv1 antibodies, it won't matter. You can't give her something she already has.
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What about my itch ?
Itching without ever having any sores isn't likely to be herpes. I don't know what's causing that - dry skin, sensitive skin, an allergy, heat, a fungal infection, dermatitis, or a number of other things could cause that.

Try not to let this freak you out. Around 66% of the world's population has hsv1. You aren't alone, and it's very, very common. You could have had it since you were a child.
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