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Could Phentermine be causing prolonged prodrome

Okay, so my g/f has been experiencing what she believes are prodrome symptoms for about 6 weeks with no ob.  She describes it as a "nerve feeling" close to the skin and it shoots down her leg.  It is most noticeable on the under part of her leg.  She says the symptoms are consistent with other prodrome symptoms of her previous years with Herpies 2, but this is different b/c the leg discomfort has NEVER lasted this long and especially never lasted so long without an ob.  The symptoms just don't seem to go away.  

A few things have been different in her life over the past couple of months.  She is wanting to lose weight and is working out regularly.  She is doing spin class and power pump.  We have considered this as a possible explanation. We have read that spinning can cause ob.   We are also currious as to whether the Phentermine could be having an affect on her immune system.  We are trying to be very careful, but miss our normal sex life.  

Would appreciate any information.  

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she also needs to rule out a back/nerve injury too.  Trying to lose weight can result in all sorts of issues from using muscles that haven't had a decent work out in awhile.

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This is not herpes related. Clearly a drug like this can cause side effects. She should speak to her doctor about it.
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