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Could This Be Herpes?

For a couple of days my penis tip has been stingy until this morning. I'm worried that this might be herpes. I didn't notice any watery, or blistery. Then it was very stingy when I touch it. Please tell me what could this be... I'm worried. I can't stop thinking about this.

(I uploaded a picture but it seems I can't put it here)
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pictures of the genitals aren't allowed anyways.

a stingy penis tip isn't a symptom of herpes. don't poke and prod your genitals - it just makes symptoms worse!

have you been seen yet? I see you have a long thread in the std forum but too short on time to read it.

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I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago to check the bump I had which found out it was just a hair follicle. As far as STD test, no, not yet but thinking of doing it tomorrow.

But that's reassuring though that stingy penis tip isn't herpes symptoms.

My penis tip isn't stingy anymore as much as it was a couple of days back. But don't you think it could be other STD such as chlymedia, gono, syphillis or even HIV. I wouldn't know for sure since I don't have any discharge. Plus, aren't they called as "great pretender" or something that it makes it hard to detect its symptoms?

I'm just worried about this because I had a terrible decision of engaging to a prostitute. Although it was protected but the condom fell off after ejaculation and may have been in contact with her vagina. Since then I couldn't stop thinking of maybe I will get STD and eventually reporting my death sentence to my family.
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As HHH liked to refer to it on the std doctor's forum - guilty penis can occur after a troublesome encounter. You make your own symptoms due to stress and obsession.
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