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Could This Be Herpes?

I recently had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and about 1-2 days later, I noticed a single red bump on the shaft (near the base) of my penis. It's not a blister, it just looks like a bug bite; simply a red bump. I have Vitiligo which often causes some minor itching, so I accidentally scratched the bump open and it contains clear fluid (much like a bug bite does).
Since then (it's been a day or 2 at the most), 2 more bumps have appeared. One is much smaller, right next to the first one and the other is a tad smaller than the first, located on the top of my shaft about 3-4 inches from the initial bump.
They aren't painful at all but I have noticed, what I believe to be the lymph nodes in my groin, are sore when I lightly press on them. A day or so before the first bump appeared, I began to feel sick; fever, then cold sweat, headache and some body aches but it went away within a few hours and stayed away for a couple days. It returned for another few hours, I took some Nyquil Cold & Flu, and felt great an hour later and have felt fine since.
My boyfriend did develop a cold sore on his lip, I don't really remember if it was before or after we had sex. I'm thinking after but I'm honestly not certain. I know cold sores are type 1 or whatever and genital herpes are type 2 (correct?) So is it possible to contract genital herpes from someone who has a cold sore?
I'm going to get tested in the morning but I'm really upset and concerned, especially since I rarely engage in sex with anyone unless I'm in a long term committed relationship. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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If you have unprotected anal or vaginal sex with someone who's status you don't know it is wise to be tested for the simple reason you put yourself at risk of contracting not only Herpes but other STI's as well.

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He showed me results of a recent testing and he was clean. I'm always very careful when it comes to sex, as it's not something I do often anyways.

I've been told by a few individuals (as the 2 bumps just appeared yesterday/today) that it's unlikely I would see symptoms the day of or the day after contracting it. I will be getting tested tomorrow, but I'm just extremely distraught.

A lot of the images I've seen online of genital herpes look nothing like what I have. They aren't blisters, they aren't sore, they aren't peeling. They just look like bug bites.
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That is correct Herpes would not show up the same day or even the day after,it's entirely your call whether you want to be tested or not ..... as for Pictures on the Internet those are always the worst case scenarios many people have nothing even remotely similar to those so do not live life on the premise that if you contract Herpes it will dfinately look like this......

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