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Could it be something else?

Hi, i'm new to this forum.  (I wish I could say i'm happy to be here but I'm not!)

Here's my story.   5 days ago while in the shower while washing up down there i noticed a bump on my left l lip.  thinking it was an ingrown hair or a pimple I tried to squeeze it but nothing came out except some clear ooze.  It was quite sore when I squeezed it, like a pimple being squeezed.  anyway, i left it.  
the next day i noticed that the same area had swelled and created a scab there where I had squeezed.  the scab was spread in 2 small areas and then closer to my thigh, where the leg joins the groin, i saw another bump and tried to squeeze that one as well.   not smart i know.  nothing came out except the ooze.  so I left it.  

I put some Fusicort cream on it to calm the swelling but it didn't help.  I booked an appointment at the Gynaecologist and saw him yesterday.  told him what happened, he examined me and told me it looks like herpes.
I'm still in shock.  he said it is in the final stages and when i have another outbreak (which he said will happend now that it's in my body) i should go and see him at the first signs.  Dr. has prescribed Zovirax as topical treatment.

My problem is that I have only had sex with one man... my fiance.  There was no one else before him.  I know that he had someone before me but we have been sexually active for 2 yrs now and this is the first sign of any problem.

Is it possible that I have something else and not herpes?  The wound stings a little and is sensitive to the touch.  And since last night i have been feeling a sort of numbing pain on the left side of my buttocks, the part that has most contact with a chair when seated... nearest to the rectum.  Feels like I had a hard exercise workout.

In January while on holiday my fiance developed a very bad 'rash' in his rectum area with very bad itching, redness, sort of blistery effect but after putting a topical cream which we got from the pharmacy (can't remember the name) it went away.  He also happened to be very sick during the holiday, in bed with bad fever and nausea and when we got back home he went to the dr. who said he had a virus and gave him an injection but we forgot to tell him about the rash on his bottom as at the time we did not think there was a relation but now, I am thinking there is a huge relation.
He has not suffered from a repeated rash since.  We thought it might have been brought on from sweating and the heat.

Can someone help?  Is my fiance's rash and fevers in early January related to my recent symptoms down there?
Could it be something other than herpes?  I am very upset and slightly depressed by all this.  

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is there anybody out there?
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I am a recent (and as I just discovered maybe not really) diagnosed HSV patient so I really don't think I can help. But yes, people are out there. :D

Be patient.
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thanks for the post.... i'll try be patient but this thing has sort of taken over my life!  in just a matter of days it's like i've become a different person (not towards others but towards myself).  i can't believe this is happening and i'm praying Lord knows i am praying that this is not herpes.  
and i'm not sure i can wait for the next outbreak for the dr to do tests.  
what should i do to know for sure if its herpes i have or not?  should i go back to dr and ask for tests?  which tests?

what symptoms do you have?
sorry for all the questions but i'm feeling a little lost.

trying to be smiley!
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I'm in the same situation in the way that it has taken over my life! I am waiting on my culture and blood results. But, my Dr. said mine didn't look like herpes. I have convinced myself that it is because I can't find or come up with another explanation. But I'm praying with you that mine isn't herpes. Like you, I am sort of depressed. I feel like crying all the time over this. I posted my symptoms on this board yesterday and nobody has replied to mine either!  I guess nothing is going to help me until I get my test results back.
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I am sorry to hear you have to deal with this. The disease is manageable, but the anxiety of not knowing exactly what you're dealing with is beyond frustrating. I recommend getting bloodwork done to with the IGG test that looks for HSV1 and HSV2 antibodies. If your bodies have been fighting this thing for a few months, the tests will show that. Of course a culture test verifies the location which is also a factor as it is possible to get genital HSV1, although the breakouts are far and few between and more mild primarily.

There is also a western blot test that is supposedly very accurate but it might be harder to get ahold of, I believe washington? university is where it would need to be sent to.

It is possible this is herpes, but even if you are hit bad with HSV2 - there are antiviral drugs like famvir? that can be used to suppress the virus. Other than that it is a nuisance.

Best of luck to us all
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Could your man have had herpes and never knew it? Sure could. At this point you both need testing to find out what is going on. Since it sounds too late for your testing to be of much use, at this point he should get a type specific herpes igg blood test and then go from there. Should you get a recurrence of your symptoms, go and be seen that day and insist on a lesion culture and typing - in this day and age just a visual diagnosis is completely unacceptable!

Topical zovirax cream is also worthless. It won't speed healing of genital herpes much at all. This is plainly stated in the prescribing info and your provider erred in prescribing it to you as the only treatment.

I encourage you to read the herpes handbook at www.westoverheights.com for accurate info on herpes. It's free to read online or print out at home.

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