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Could these blisters be herpes?

Hey I had a post a couple days ago and I received Oral about 2 and a half months ago from another male and have been tested and treated for gon and chlamydia. I ended up getting treated for urethritis and for two weeks I took cipro but that failed against the urethritis so I took amox clav and it worked but I passed it on to my girlfriend after he cipro didn’t work before I went on amox clav. So we both got treated with doxycycline and I just finished mine 4 days ago. We have not had sex yet and I had a rash on begin to form under my penis head and on the shaft of my penis. This rash itches and I noticed some flat blisters on it but I thought it was a yeast infection or balanitis. Could this in fact actually be genital herpes.

Here are the pictures
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Please anyone ?
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Hello David, sorry it does look like it, especially being under the foreskin fold part.  My partner has it  and looks similar (I have the oral HSV2 and passed them to him).  It does seem like a long time since you had sexual relations, but it can lay dormant in the body until your immune system is low (for example being on antibiotics) so go get swabbed.  You need to know for sure.
My partner only got his first breakout after he had had surgery and was on antibiotics and then got thrush.  quickly followed by breakout.  Did you get any flu symptoms?
No I didn’t have any flu like symptoms at all no pain just urethritis pain but the antibiotics took that away and now it’s just this itchy rash under my penis head. I’ve been using lotriminand under my penis head it has been diminishing and the redness of the shaft part is going away but the flat pus things are just getting smaller. I did use extra strength Vaseline on my scrotum and it caused a really bad itch and I itched it like crazy. That’s what I think the blisters are from but how long would they even stay like that
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Not necessarily. Lesions don't usually form on the scrotum. I would get them swabbed
I’ve seen no lesions on the peninsula head just marks that were red and shiny that would have crust on them until I showered and just those blisters but they are just big blisters that only hurt if I scratch them not touch
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