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Could this be herpes - stinging in urethra after giving oral sex

I have had protected sex with my girlfriend for the first time about 8 weeks ago, but I gave unprotected oral sex. She lived far so I left her house without showering right away but showered about 3 hours later. Now I’m feeling a stinging on and off sensation on the tip and sometimes in my urethra for about 3 weeks now. There hasn’t been any sores, lesions, or painful irritation in my genitals and when I pee it doesn’t hurt and I don’t have any unusual discharge. This stinging usually occurs more often right after I ejaculate but sometimes it happens like less than 10 times throughout the day even if I don’t ejaculate that day. The stinging is less than half a second and doesn’t hurt much or cause great discomfort it’s just there. I have been extremely stressed for 4 weeks now and worried everyday it’s herpes. Can someone please tell me as to what this may be. I took a UTI test and it came back negative but I had some white blood cells in my urine. I had a gonnorhea and chlamydia test but that came back negative. I’m not sure I have urethritis because I don’t show all the other symptoms.
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You had protected sex, and don't mention receiving oral sex, so the chances of you getting anything are very, very low.

You can rule out gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich, hepatitis B and HIV.

You have white blood cells in your urine - do you know how many? That's a sign of an infection. It could be urethritis, especially if you received unprotected oral.

If you didn't have bacteria in your urine, it could be a prostate issue - perhaps an infection or it's inflamed, which wouldn't be an STD issue, but the timing is just coincidence.

Even using a condom, you're at risk for herpes, syphilis and HPV, though your chances of getting any of them would be much, much lower. However, none of them would cause these symptoms. Has your girlfriend taken any tests? Is she aware of your symptoms?
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Oh and not showering immediately after doesn't mean a thing. If you're infected, you're infected. Showering doesn't prevent that.
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Hey auntijessi thanks for responding. Yes I received unprotected oral sex for about 5 min. She had no visible sores or symptoms on HSV-1. And I have talked to her a lot about this and denies ever having cold sores or genital sores and denies having both genital and oral herpes. She hasn’t taken an official HSV test but she had her blood drawn a year ago at her physical checkup. She also mentioned the fact that every year she has been given a cup to urinate to at her physical checkup which puzzled me because at all my checkups I’ve never had to consistently do that. She said that the hospital never told her she had anything but I still have doubts. Exactly one month after our sexual encounter my throat was sort of irritating and the next day I had an appointment to get my cavities filled in. 2 days after that I noticed a dry mouth and the next day it was even more dry. Throughout about a little more than 1 week it was dry and irritating although at the same period of time it was getting better each day. I just thought that was a concerning issue that won’t leave my mind. And the home UTI rest I took came back negative nitrites and a trace of leukocyte, I only had taken the test once tho. The only symptom of urethritis I know I have is on and off stinging on the tip of inside my penis. Still to this day no sores, lesions, and swollen lymph glands in my genital area. My main questions are would Stress cause these symptoms, because now I’m less stressed about having herpes and seemed to have gotten a lot better.

And what about the irritated, itchy throat that I had for a little over a week?
Also throughout that time it was never a sore throat and it never really bothered me it just caused concern.
I also haven’t noticed any cold sores or painful bumps inside my mouth or anywhere near my throat.

I really appreciate the help btw. I’m so very stressed and can’t seem to get over this.
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Oh and also swallowing food and drinking liquid wasn’t an issue at all
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Also I would like to add I had been in a relationship with this girl for 8 months prior to having sex with her. We had made out multiple times and I see no symptoms at all whatsoever. The symptoms that I’ve had (stated on my original post) happened 2 weeks after our encounter and then a month later the symptoms I posted on my second response. Ever since the first day I got sick which was a week after school started (which is pretty common for almost everyone) everyone around me was sick but I still panicked and ever since since that day I had been extremely stressed and had a couple anxiety attacks from then to now. When I got sick I had a sore throat for 2 days then went to the ER and the doctor tested me for Strep throat and it was negative, the second swab was sent to a lab and that didn’t come back with anything. After that I just because extremely stressed and my life has been a living hell just doubting myself. Sorry I made thing long I’m just really desperate for answers. I just find out weird how after exactly 2 weeks after our encounter I got a low grade fever (100.1°) that lasted for 1 week and then a week after that just had minor cough and a small stuffed nose. Ever since then I got more worried and started itching around my anal region for like 3 weeks, I’ve been checking for bumps, lesions, irritation, rashes around that area multiple times everyday and still couldn’t see any and feel any of those. I honestly don’t know what’s going on. Again I appreciate the help.
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It has been exactly 8 weeks since that sexual encounter and still no blisters, sores, lesions, anything painful down there, and rashes
Has your life been a living hell because of this? Your anxiety is way out of proportion to the risk level here. You should talk to your doctor about your reaction and anxiety around this.

What makes you think your girlfriend has an STD?

Your throat culture proves you don't have an infection - any infection - in your throat. You didn't get any infection from her, or anyone that resides there.

As you said, you started school, which is a very common time for people to get sick, from elementary school to college. It's not at all surprising that you did.

When your girlfriend goes for her annual exam, and gives a urine sample, they may be doing any number of tests - looking for a UTI, STDs, pregnancy. Some doctors will routinely test for STDs, some won't. The only STDs that can be tested for by urine are gonorrhea and chlamydia. Herpes is a blood test, or if someone has sores, it's a culture of that sore.

You probably don't have any bumps, lesions, rashes, etc., because your girlfriend doesn't have an STD, and because you used a condom, which would offer you a lot of protection if she did.

Seriously, you need to talk to someone about your anxiety. Your risk was really super low here if she does have an STD - and that's a big if - and your reaction is way bigger than the risk. I say that with compassion, not criticism. If your school (college? high school?) offers counseling, take advantage of that. Talk to your doctor about it. You're having anxiety attacks. It needs to be addressed. Your mental health is as important as your physical health.

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Thank you auntijessi I appreciate your response. Do you still know what caused a little dry, sometimes itchy throat. The first 4-7 days I’ve had to clear my throat a lot and when I fall asleep I wake up with my throat being really dry (not painful) but dry. I just find it weird how all of this happened after we had sex which is why I think she might have something but has never had the thought in her own mind that she has something because nothing for her ever came up. When I was vigorously searching things up majority of the time stressing I could find relief a lot of sites say that STDs mainly Herpes doesn’t cause symptoms for most people. I’ve never experienced this throat thing in my life, at least I think I didn’t. I just don’t understand it’s not a sore throat, when I swallow food it doesn’t hurt, when I drink it doesn’t hurt. But this dry, mildly itchy feeling has been going on for a week and ended for a little over a week. The first 3 days that this started my mouth has been feeling very dry all the time even thought I was hydrating myself. My whole tongue was burning but still no lesions, sores, bumps or anything painful, I checked everyday with a flashlight for hours. But my tongue was coated white and developed bumps in the back of my tongue. Completely painless, looks like about 7-10 bumps, looks the same, doesn’t have a red ring around them and isn’t that noticeable unless I open my mouth wide and and used a flashlight. The shape of these bumps were sort of V shaped pointing towards my throat. They are located in the 1/3 part of the back end of my tongue and these bumps don’t cause any pain when I touch it, or when I drink and eat, or when I chew gum. 12 days later I went to my dentist for another round of filling and she said either my immune system was down a bit or my oral hygiene isn’t good or I’m just being extremely stressed. She said those bumps are enlarged taste buds and that’s it’s completely fine and normal. She continued with the filling then said I shouldn’t stress about them and I’ll be fine and then suggested I take Vitamin B pills to help with my immune system I guess.  It’s been 3 weeks now and my mouth feels good and fine it’s just that I was worried about it. The first week my mouth had a very bad smell too, maybe because it was dry. Still to this day no traditional outbreaks anywhere on my body. Just the stinging pain on and off on my penis, mainly when I get stressed. When I’m not stressed or happens a lot less. And after I masturbate it happens a little more but it’s not painful. It’s just that the feeling is there which is worrisome.

By the way I appreciate your response as I find it counseling. Having someone to talk to about this and explain my symptoms and problems and getting a response on it from someone who knows makes me feel better. This week I have been a lot less stressed because I’m out with my friends and focusing on sports and just putting it in the back of my mind. I’ve felt so good the only thing that’s just still bothering me is the on and off mild stinging that happens less than even half a second, maybe less than that. About 10-20 times throughout the day.

Thank you again Auntijessi from taking time out of your day to help me.
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Also the throat culture was taken on Sep 16 and I got sick on Sep 14
Sorry not September 14, I got sick on Sep 13*** sorry for the wrong date up there^^^ and the culture was taken after 10pm on Sep 16
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"Do you still know what caused a little dry, sometimes itchy throat. The first 4-7 days I’ve had to clear my throat a lot and when I fall asleep I wake up with my throat being really dry (not painful) but dry."

All kinds of things could cause this - dust, allergies, dry air (heat or air conditioning), acid reflux, irritants like chemicals, mold, etc., a cold, etc., etc. No STD causes this.

"My whole tongue was burning but still no lesions, sores, bumps or anything painful, I checked everyday with a flashlight for hours." -

First, hours is a sign that this is becoming an obsession and again, your reaction is WAY out of proportion to the risk level. Second, burning tongue (or any part of your mouth) could be a sign of an allergy. Google allergies and burning mouth syndrome.

"But my tongue was coated white and developed bumps in the back of my tongue. Completely painless, looks like about 7-10 bumps, looks the same, doesn’t have a red ring around them and isn’t that noticeable unless I open my mouth wide and and used a flashlight."

If this were any kind of STD, you wouldn't have to spend hours looking with a flashlight. You also don't know that this isn't something normal that you are just now seeing because you are so anxious. Look up apthous ulcers, though. (They aren't an STD.)

I see that your dentist said they were enlarged taste buds. That's reasonable, and you should believe it.

Your throat culture was taken with plenty of time to reflect any infection you might have had.

You aren't hearing me when I say that you don't and didn't have a throat infection, and whatever you had wasn't caused by an STD. You are spending "hours" with a flashlight looking into your throat. That's not reasonable. Even if she has genital herpes, it very, very rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth.

If you only take away one thing from this, please let it be that you need some mental health counseling and help for your anxiety. That's a far bigger problem here. I'm happy to help, but I need you to hear what I'm saying.

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Thanks, I’m going to post a more specific time frame so that people reading this would get a better understanding of my symptoms.

August 30 - Had protected Vaginal sex with her for the first time and  unprotected oral, lasting about 5 min, and fingering.

Sep 3 - first day of school

Sep 5- Went over to her place and had protected Vaginal sex and I gave her unprotected oral sex for about less than 10 seconds. I didn’t receive oral sex at all this day.

Sep 13- got a bad sore throat and hard fought with pain in chest

Sep 16 - Sore throat gone but lymph nodes in the neck still there. Doctor took a throat culture test and flashed a light inside my mouth and ear and said no infection.

Sep 20 - not sick anymore, but still had minor cough, a little runny nose and slight headache (By the way I had very mild blurry vision when I had a headache for 5-7 days)

Sep 25 - stinging and tickling started (very mild)

Sep 26 - woke up in the morning, believed to have seen a type cloudy urine and got extremely worried, less than 10 min after that the inside of my penis stinged Twice within 30 seconds. Decided to order the Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test from Everlywell site.

Also later this day I started noticing itching around my anal area, not intense yet, but got intense for a week. Then a week after that it was from time to time and mild, and then a week after that seemed to fade away. Everyday I seemed to have checked that area for outbreaks but there is none. Itching around my anal area wasn’t only happening in one spot but multiple different spots.

Sep 30 - started feeling itchy throat, worrying that I’d get a sore throat later that day or in a couple days never seemed to show, but dry and itchy

Also the test arrived this day and I took the urine sample.

Oct 1 - Had dental work (Cavities filled in). On the morning on this day at around 8:00 am I went to ship out my collected urine sample to the lab.

Oct 6 - Started to see the painless bumps/ enlarged taste buds in the back 1/3rd of my tongue that caused no discomfort but worrying

October 11 - Received my results and it said I have tested negative for both gonorrhea and Chlamydia, so I thought the only other explanation would be herpes which got me more worried tbh.

Weekend of Oct 12/13 - Irritated, itchy, dry throat didn’t feel like it was there anymore. Feels gone, mouth doesn’t feel dry.

October 15 - Had extreme stomach ache for about 4 hours then cooled down and eventually went away that night. And then had minor stomach ache until Oct 19th

Oct 16 - Dental work ( last round of my cavities filled in )

October 17- Took a UTI test came back negative Nitrites and Trace Leukocyte. Only took it once at around 9pm and haven’t taken it again yet.

Oct 20 - irritated tongue that lasted for 2 days. Saw one little pimple that was painless when I touched on the left side of my tongue. Size wasn’t huge and no red ring around it. Only caused discomfort when my teeth touch/apply pressure to it. Pain went away in 2 days. Little pimple went away in 3 days completely, it was only one there isn’t a cluster.

Oct 22 - My only problem is that now my penis has been mildly stinging on and off and has been happening for a month now. Not straight, there has been a week when I was not stressed where I didn’t notice the stinging, it might’ve happened but I didn’t notice it at all.

On this day at night I ate spicy sushi for lunch and really spicy wings for dinner.

Oct 23 - Had cold soda for the first time in 2 months ( I think this plays a factor) And then later noticed the same Type irritation/itchiness  from Sep 30 But less severe as it was on Sep 30th. It’s just there and it’s not bothering me or painful and there is no sore throat but here it is.

Oct 24 - Today, I don’t have much but a very mild and little scratchy throat, voice sounds the same, no sore throat, I don't have to clear my throat much.  And the last couple of days I’ve felt really relieved so I didn’t notice much stinging. But I felt it today. It’s almost now 2 months since my sexual encounter, and I feel a lot better than the first week I got sick.

Additional information - During the time that my throat was irritated my neck lymph nodes have been hurting a little, it wasn’t enlarged and only showed mild pain sometimes and other times very very mild pain. On and off and not daily. Also my ears would sting a little, mild stinging. I had severe ear pain the 3rd day I was sick and the ER doctor told me on Sep 16 that it was just the mucous that went there. She also told me to talk to my doctor about the wax that I have in my ear that a Q-tip wouldn’t be able to fix. Last time my left ear was stinging was yesterday I believe and it’s very mild it’s not painful and happened 3 times throughout the day, ending less than even half a second. Exactly the same stinging sensation I have on my penis but the one on my penis.

I live in a home with both my parents and 5 siblings. All younger than I am. So if I was to have HSV-1 I probably would’ve spread it to my siblings especially my little sisters (9) and (2) but everyone seems just fine in this household.

Thought these couple of months my girlfriend has been telling me I’m overly stressed and worried about nothing. I try to believe her but after reading that STD’s don’t show symptoms especially herpes I started doubting.

I’ve had all my hepatitis shots and HPV shots already. Also throughout these past couple months I’ve had a couple cuts which completely healed within a day or 2. And then a couple weeks later another couple cuts which took less than 2 days to completely heal so I don’t think I have HIV.

And I don’t think this is important information but I also had bed bugs for 3 weeks and haven’t known but saw one 3 weeks later. I noticed 3 weeks because it’s been 3 weeks since I’ve been itching a lot especially at night.

Sorry if this is too long but I just wanted to lay out every single detail as specific as possible to give you the best view possible. Yes I have taken your word and I appreciate it so much. It’s so greatly appreciated, you have no idea I’m so grateful. Honestly thank you so much.

But this is what I’m experiencing and my are about the itching around anal area for 3 weeks with no visible bumps, lesions, blisters, rash, and this area is completely painless.

Also I’ve read about HSV-1 couple cause pharyngitis so this is what really scared me because I think I may have pharyngitis and I also read that ur first exposure of HSV-1 you might have pharyngitis for up to 2 weeks and at least 10 days. I read this from Doctor Hook previous posts. But yet still no outbreaks in the mouth. For about a couple months I have believed to have some type of herpes. Do you think the pharyngitis or whatever it is is stress/anxiety or something else. It’s been 2 months now and I haven’t experienced outbreaks but showed a lot of other symptoms that show herpes. I just think herpes is very tricky because a lot of common symptoms of a lot of things are associated with it.

Again Auntijessi thanks for responding. Your response and insight to this post would honestly be very greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

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Again sorry is this is too long, didn’t mean for the trouble just wanted to layout my situation
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Listen. Anxiety is your biggest issue. Get that addressed. You are not listening to me, and I need you to.

All of that information and nothing says to me that you have herpes. I don't know why you had a sore throat - it could literally be like 20 different reasons, if not more - but it's not herpes.

Pharyngitis is a sore throat. That's all it means, medically. Yes, you can get a sore throat with an initial oral hsv1 infection, but you have no sores that would cause that. You wouldn't get just a sore throat.

I have no idea why you are so stuck on this. I don't mind helping you, but I do ask that you read what I tell you. You don't seem like you are. Your anxiety is taking over.

What if you do have hsv1 orally? Honestly, what's the big deal? You'll join about half the population who does. If you do have it (and seriously, nothing points to you having it), you'll only spread it to household members if you kiss them. There's a slim possibility of getting it if you share utensils or drinks, but that's not likely at all. You're far more likely to share colds and the flu that way.  

What you definitely have is anxiety that needs attention. Anxiety is a beast and can give you physical symptoms. Don't have any more sexual activity until you get this under control. It's not fair to you or your partner.

Hear me - your anxiety is your most important issue.
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I’ll just relax and focus more on life and things I need to do. I’ll update you on how this goes. Thank you
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Also It wasn’t a sore throat. Just dry, itchy, and sometimes mildly irritated throat. Accompanied by a dry mouth
Also I’m wondering how herpes sores In throat feels like. Could you describe it please, I’m asking because you have knowledge in this topic
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Also I’m aware about my anxiety auntijessi. To me the stress and anxiety isn’t a problem it’s what causes it, stress and anxiety for me goes away instantly when I’m reassured it’s been a rollercoaster for me these past 2 months.

So what I got from this is that I don’t have herpes both 1 and 2. I mean herpes was kind of a stretch, I haven’t had any outbreaks just anxiety over it and bad timing. I appreciate your help, my doc and dentist said I have no infection and my mouth is fine, I don’t see any outbreaks anywhere, my girlfriend tells me she’s 100% fine and I have nothing to worry about.

It’s just that ever since this thought entered my head I’ve been battling it non stop.

Thank you for your help, I’m going to let the herpes worrying go because it seems to me as if I don’t have it. I want to believe that and I’m going to try my best and get this over with.
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Herpes in the throat is painful, from what I understand. I haven't had it, but it can cause difficulty swallowing.

If you didn't have a sore throat, you didn't have pharyngitis.

I agree that you need to let the worrying go. As you said, your doc and dentist saw nothing wrong, your girlfriend is fine, you had protected sex, and herpes rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth.

Anxiety that lasts like this for a couple of months - where you spend hours with a flashlight and mirror - is a problem. You will likely always have anxiety, but you can learn some coping skills so the next time something happens that triggers your anxiety - and it will, as life is stressful - you won't spend 2 months like you spent these 2 months. You can say it's what causes the anxiety, but something will always cause the anxiety. Therapy can help you learn better ways to manage it.

I'm not judging you. I know anxiety is hard to live with. Sometimes it's easier for an outsider to see what you can't see.

My opinion is worth what you paid for it, but I hope you consider it.
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Hey auntijessi, it’s been wonderful hearing from you again. I’m becoming less stressed I’m convincing myself that I’m not infected with herpes. But one thing that I forgot to mention and I’m not being rude or disrespectful towards you. Matter of fact I have a lot of respect towards you and your expertise, but in your previous post on this thread was:

What if you do have hsv1 orally? Honestly, what's the big deal? You'll join about half the population who does. If you do have it (and seriously, nothing points to you having it), ”

That just concerned me because in my brain I thought maybe I could have HSV-1 and maybe you are implying that I do in a way that won’t freak me out. I don’t know maybe I misunderstood it but it’s been in my mind. I understand that this site is for reassuring people they may be too worried about something they don’t have, or to get people to calm down. But I don’t like things sugar coded “not saying that your lying (like I said I have major respect for you, you took time out of your days to help me. ) and the full honesty. Auntijessi if you believe I might have HSV please let me know.

I spent a lot of time researching this virus I understand that it isn’t much of a threat and not a problem and over half the population has it, I deeply understand all that. But for me even if the virus is completely harmless the thought of it makes everything hard. I’m sure you understand that from your years of experience, that people get devastated and overly worried and stressed from this. It’s because it’s something people really don’t want and can’t live with.

Anyways I’m a man of honesty and I appreciate you so I just wanted to clarify that point with you (again not showing any sign of disrespect or being rude at all. It just gave me some doubt tbh.

But anyways I’m grateful for you being here and responding, it has really helped me beyond explanation. I took your advice and I’m gonna start Meditating, and doing stress relief exercises  and keeping my Head up. Counseling/Therapy is not necessary because my one and only issue is the herpes virus, I have never in my life been more stressed before and never had an anxiety attack so Anxiety was never a problem at all.
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Oh I'm sorry, that wasn't clear at all.

I meant what if you did get hsv1 from this? I honestly don't think you did, but that's really the only herpes you'd get from this IF you were you to get it at all, and that's from kissing.

You used a condom for sex, which makes getting genital hsv2 really unlikely. You performed oral sex on her, and herpes, either type 1 or 2, very rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth, so that's out. All that would leave is kissing, and since oral herpes is almost always, with very, very few exceptions, hsv1, that's how you'd get hsv1, if you got it.

My point was supposed to be "if you did get hsv1 from kissing, no big deal", but clearly I didn't explain that well, and I'm sorry.

No disrespect taken at all. I'm glad you asked for clarity on that. :)

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Also one more thing auntijessi

When I was performing  oral sex on her, her vagina/ groin area had a strong smell, it was tangy, metallic and kinda musty, it wasn’t really pleasant but I still went down anyways. Now about a month after I realized that my genital area smells the same. And it’s never been like this before the only place I remember this smell is from her. She didn’t smell fishy and it wasn’t strong from far away, I could smell it when I get close to the area, not through her clothes tho. It was summer and it was really hot outside, she was nervous as it was her first time getting penetrated. She has performed oral before and had someone perform oral to her but she claims they are clean and her annual checkup was also 4 months after her previous relationship with me. She never had any outbreaks or any symptoms of HSV. Do you think this may be trich. Because it’s been 3 weeks now and I seem to still have this smell that I discovered when I rubbed my thumb across my genital area and sniffed. Or could it be a yeast infection considering the information I previously gave you on my other posts. I don’t think I’ve had discharge from my penis and my penis doesn’t smell. Just the genital area. Could it be stress or other causes?
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She was a virgin?

Is this your first time, too?

Only certain things can be transmitted by oral sex. Trich isn't one of them. Oral sex is less risky than vaginal or anal sex, so really, you have so little to worry about here.

Does your genital area itch? If you had yeast, or another fungal infection, you'd be itching or have a rash of some kind.

It could be a normal body smell that you hadn't noticed before your anxiety started you down this road.

Also, perhaps the smell was on your thumb before you touched your genital area.

Go do something fun this weekend. Take your mind off all this stuff, and stay off the computer. I'm not on this site on the weekends, and you shouldn't be either. Whatever you do for fun, go do that. :)
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Yes she was a virgin, I was too. My genital area doesn’t itch, it did itch a a little often when I was stressed but that was probably cuz of the heat and sweat when I was sick. Remember my anal region itched intensely for 1 week then often for the 2nd week and then mildly 3rd week. Right now it barely even happens. My thumb didn’t have anything on it and I checked multiple times it’s my genital area. I know what my smell is and this is just different, it’s similar to my girlfriend.

I don’t know what it is, I thought herpes would make your genital area smell a different kind of smell and stuff like that.
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Perhaps if you had an outbreak it may smell differently. I've had it for 15+ years - never noticed a different smell.

Seriously, you were both virgins. This means hsv2 is not a possibility. If she got hsv1 from receiving oral sex, it almost never transmits from genitals to genitals.

This means your chances of getting herpes are really lower than I even thought. Your chances of anything are even lower than I thought.

I understand the anxiety - probably the little you've gotten for sex ed has been "if you have sex, you can get an STD, even if all your partner has done is oral sex. STDs are terrible, and your penis will get terrible sores and may fall off. Abstinence is the only prevention."

They don't tell you statistics, how to prevent them, they show you horrible pics of the worst case scenarios of things like herpes and HPV.

You really have nothing to worry about here.
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Hey auntijessi, I took your advice and took time off this website and google this weekend and lived my life. I’m getting a lot better although my relationship has ended because of this issue (which is completely my fault). But it’s okay I feel so much better.

So what I’m understanding is that someone with herpes would need to have an outbreak first to notice a different smell.

Like I have had this different smell for 3+ weeks now I believe. Which smells like what my girlfriend smelled like. I find it very weird, and concerning. It doesn’t smell fishy or extremely foul, just different.

Also sorry for questions but this has been in my mind. How likely is it that HSV causes Urethritis. And if it does would it linger on for more than 3 weeks?
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Herpetic urethritis is PAINFUL, from what I understand. I'm not a man, so I haven't experienced it, but I hear it's painful.

Have you seen a doctor for the smell? I've had herpes for 15+ years, and don't have a different smell.

I'm sorry your relationship ended over this. This is a sign that you are not okay, and need counseling for your anxiety. When anxiety interferes with things in your life like school, jobs, relationships, it's time to get help.

I have answered all your questions and told you that the chances of you having herpes are next to zero. You aren't hearing that. Your ex-girlfriend couldn't have had hsv2, as she was a virgin, and if she had hsv1, the chances of her transmitting that to you are slim to none, even if you didn't use a condom. Since you did, it's even less.

It's time to see a doctor for this smell, and to talk about your anxiety. Do yourself a favor and address that. You lost a relationship over it. That's a huge sign it's time for help.

And don't have sex again until you address it. You aren't ready, which is okay.
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Oh I’m fine auntijessi, the relationship ending doesn’t bother me. We’re still good friends. I found a huge amount of relief and I’m greatful for that. Thank you for the help. I’ll give the smell a week or 2 before I consult a doctor.

Auntijessi you have helped me a lot, I’ll try my best to keep you updated. And I appreciate what you’re doing to me and the things you’ve done for the community it’s truly a blessing.

Thank you. <3
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Hey auntijessi sorry to bother you again,

I just had something in mind and it’s just one questions.

What are the chances of getting herpes by receiving a blowjob from a female  with HSV-1 who is asymptomatic one time? Like only one blowjob.

I don’t know if I made the question clear ^^ but I’ll try my best. I got a blowjob once from this girl, she claims to not or never have oral herpes but she doesn’t really know until she got tested. It lasted for about 5 minutes. But even though she had no sores or any symptoms, with all the information I’ve given you what are the chances of she did have HSV-1 would it transmit?

I’m sorry if this is annoying, that’s the only question I have left that I can’t seem to find the definite answer online.

Btw I’m feeling a lot better, the stinging is happening less, anxiety is 95% gone, I’ve apologized to my ex and were on good terms now, I’m able to focus more and do more things. All though I’m still wondering about the one question.
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We don't have actual odds for this, but if she didn't have any sores present, it's quite low.

It's not possible if you already have it orally. You can't get what you already have.
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Hey sorry for this auntijessi but I got a notification you responded to my last post but I cannot see it.
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It looks like it's been removed. Check your email.
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