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Could this be herpes or dry skin on my penis?

Hello, im here because I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a woman in October 11 r 12 and I did touch her *****. I washed my hands after then my penis both with the same towel n bar soap. So my first question is could I have gotten herpes from touching her thn washing wit bar soap on both hands and genitals? But a 2 r 3 mayb 4 days later I noticed flaky skin on my penis foreskin. Kinda n the center and thn off near the side below the head dry skin. Flaky skin near center of foreskin a lil before it the shaft. I was able to softly scratch that off like a scratcher ticket n it flaked right off to reveal the next layer of skin jus wit gray out line. I haven't washed my penis since the day of the encounter bexauae I been busy workin n stressing bout the encounter so I washed and moisturized for a few days and it all healed up no scab. Now around the wk of Thanksgiving mayb wk before  started gettin dry cracked skin spots in the shape of circles or almost squares on other parts of foreskin like near the head but atleast and inch below on left side then a day r 3 later the right side then after that near the bottom of foreskin was chaffed looking skin but everything was real faint and could only be seen when skin is dry n is stretched out. Similar to how it looks on your foot whn skin starts to peel r have dry skin. Gray outline surrounding the missing layer but its never been raw or ulcer like. Someone plz help me make sense of this. Could this be herpes
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The chances of you getting herpes from a one-time, protected encounter are very, very low.

Hands don't ever transmit STDs. Even if you touch her, then touch yourself, there is too much movement and exposure to air for transmission to happen.

Flaky skin is usually a fungal infection, eczema or dermatitis of some sort. Sometimes, it's just really dry skin. Circles can indicate tinea cruris, or jock itch, which is a fungal infection.

You should get it checked to be sure, though, and the treatments for a fungal infection are different than eczema and allergic reactions, etc.

You should be cleaning your penis more often than you are, and that may be contributing to some of this. Make sure you are using a gentle soap, or a non-soap cleanser.


https://theconversation.com/how-do-i-clean-my-penis-125135 - this has some illustrations that you may not was to view with others around.

I don't post these links to insult you, but I am continually surprised at how many men haven't been told how to do this properly. I know you're busy, but it shouldn't add but a minute to your shower time.

I really doubt that this is herpes - it doesn't fit the symptoms, the time frame of how long symptoms last, and you used condoms. Let us know what the doctor says.
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It started a few days after the encounter and the times I didn't wash was the day after that until mayb 4 days and thats when I noticed the flaky patch the turned into a erosion with a grey outline when i scratched the flaky part off if u kno what i mean. And the top right of the foreskin was dry grey ines as well. I started washing and moisturizing after this (I been washing with a body wash from dollar tree the arm n hammer brand) and It went away and I stopped moisturizing for a bit
thats when the dry erosion started to appear slightly missing 1st layer of or sum jus starting to try n shed that skin with the crackin up a spreading as I tugg to inspect it. All the areas that did manage to open or look open was jus the 1st layer  never the 2nd and never the moist lookin portion under skin just a lil lighter or darker thn surrounding  depending on the spot n only can be seen whn dry. Then the other night a dry spot popped up on my foreskin near the frenelum with the white outline n i scratched that n now its jus looks the hyperpigmented part of brownish red. B ut why would a dry spot just pop up like that?
It could be a fungal infection developing, or eczema, or a reaction to the soap or moisturizer you are using. You really need to get it checked. I can't diagnose you. No one can online - only a doctor who sees it can.
I went to a dermatologist i think last wk and he told me u can't get a fungal infection on your penis jus the area around it and said what I had at the time was not herpes but that was just a small area of dry skin off to the side at the lower portion of the foreskin before the shaft. And about the condom i used at the time of encounter it was in my car for a few months but I didn't see any holes in it when I put it on and it did not break during encounter
How do I upload picturez?
We do not allow pictures of genitals anywhere on our site.  You can use a link to somewhere like photo bucket we will allow that.
You can get a fungal infection on your penis. You can get yeast on your penis, for example.

But if he said it was dry skin, you can believe that. Dry skin looks nothing like herpes.
Or skin peeling n or flaking off?
No, herpes doesn't look like skin peeling or flaking off. That's what dry skin looks like.
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