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Delayed Seroconversion

I had a high risk herpes encounter almost 3 months back. 10 days after the encounter, I got had tingling in my genital area, and when I inspected, I found what looked like a rash with cracks or slits in the skin. My doctor said it was just straia that everyone had in the area between their genitals and thighs, and didn't think it was herpes. He did not swab the cracks in the skin. He did put me on Acyclovir for 10 days as a precaution.

For the last 3 months I've had tingling, itching, prickly feelings in that area, and on my scrotum, and penis as well. I've seen 5 doctors, all who have said it doesn't look like herpes. They've given me steroid creams, Cephalexin, Bactraban, all kinds of over the counter anti-fungal creams, and nothing seems to bring releif. Its been pretty consistent for 3 months, although, sometimes are much better than others.

I've had several herpes select IGG tests that all come back negative, as recently as at the 14.5 week mark. When I inquire what the level is, the company that has administered the test, says that it only comes back positive, or negative, there is no value. This seems inconsistent with what I understand with Herpes testing. I've been going through www.aboutmyhealth.com. I'm not sure how reliable they are, but they seem pretty reputable as far as I can tell.

they also told me that the IGG test they do only looks for HSV 2, not HSV 1, Which concerned me, because I assumed they were looking for both all along.

My questions are...
1. How likely is it that I have herpes, but not seroconverted by 14.5 weeks? I've heard of people taking 6 or 7 months, is this possible?!
2. How reputable is the Herpes Select test, should I be trying a different one? How can find a different test?
3. Does the Herpes Select give you values, or is it just positive and negative?

At this point, I've seen about 5 doctors, who all laugh and just say, there is nothing that I can see to test for, so I can't help you anymore,
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I can't really answer this accurately without more information about the sexual encounter and your health history.

Tell me more about what happened, specifically in the sexual encounter, please, so I can assess risk.

Also, have you ever in your life had a cold sore on your lip or in your nose?

Thanks, that will help me.

1.  Can't answer without information about the encounter.  4 months should be plenty, but I need to know what you might have been exposed to.

2.  Herpeselect is a good one, especially for HSV 2

3.  It gives you an index value.

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