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Diagnosed with Herpes Type 1

I had sex with my wife for the first time 2 weeks ago, she had very bad white tongue and blisters around her tongue and gums. Afterward I got worried and tested for STD. thankfully I dont have hiv. however I was diagnosed for herpes type 1 and chlamydia. My doc told there is no cure for herpes 1. Is this virus dangerous?
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HSV is not a dnagerous virus.  The virus impacts about 50% of the US adult population.  This is typically due to the kiss we got from auntie or a kiss from that hot girl/guy at school.  It is a pesky skin condition when it is around.  If you do not have the oral version of the virus you will have the genitial version.  Sadly lab work won't tell you which site is infected.  Have you ever had a cold sore?  
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http://www.ashastd.org/herpes/herpes_learn_oralherpes.cfm  is terrific reading on hsv orally. the rates of hsv1 oral infection where you live are very high and you  have no reason to suspect that your hsv1 isn't oral.

did your wife have any testing on her mouth symptoms?

did you and your wife get treated properly for chlamydia?
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my wife had blood test for herpes 1-2,chlamydia,hiv,hepatitis. all negative result. She still experiencing symptoms ,such as itchiness,sore(white) on tongue, burning sensation on vagina.

for my self i started medication for 4 days alreadys, suddenly i started to experience same symptoms , neck ,muscle aching,mild fever
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