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Diagnosis question:pleaseeeeeeeeeee hellllllllp

I find that I have had a unexplainable little scab on the lowest part of my back. It didn't itch or look blister like and it was one single scab. but it was a round unexplainable one. I am wondering what are the chances i got something with what i have to share with you. I have had an std check up ever since I had unprotected sex with a person with there unknown std status. I got tested and found that I was std free. But ever since then I have gotten oral performed on me from a guy who didn't seem to have any blemishes on the outsides of his lips or mouth and I have also taken a shower with a guy who looked like he could have possibly had something because there seemed to be a large round dark scar on his penis but he never touched my genitals and i didn't touch his. he also had little round dark spots all over his butt similar to the single scab i had on my back when it healed.  but  (we simply took a shower together after the pool and kissed once)...does anybody think with what i did i may have aquired an std? please be detailed in your answer. thank youuu...
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Herpes testing usually is not included with std testing. you'd have to call an d ask if you were screened for it ever or not.

This could be many things. best thing to do is to see your provider.

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yes, they did check for herpes, but after that these are the only two things that put me at fear that something could of happened.
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