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Did I catch herpes? My heart hurts :(


So I met up with this women whom I think could be a prostitue but I'm not certain.

We met in her car, I began to play with her breast and she offered me a hand job. I later reached down in her pant from the back and touched her left butt cheek. I don't remember if I had touched my penis after doing all of that but there could be possibility. We also cuddled. We did not kiss however her spit may have landed in my mouth as we were sitting too closely. I also remember that she had a pimple on her chest which I touched. I went home afterwards brushed my teeth and took a bath with soap.

I'm so scared that I may have caught herpes that I'm washing my hands allot, I always keep my hands away from my face from the fear of infecting my eyes. Please help.thank you.

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Hi, if your concern is being exposted to herpes from this, you were not.
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Sorry, what do you mean?
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You did not have any risk for contracting herpes from what you did.
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Thanks allot for the quick response, god willing I did not catch herpes or any other disease.

Enjoy your day!
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