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Did I get Herpes?

I am an older guy who got hooked up with a swinging couple. The woman performed oral on me for about 20 seconds. About two weeks later I develop two red spots on the front upper shaft of my penis. I keep it trim there and the hair was stating to grow back on the upper shaft where the red spots or [bumps] were. I could see NO fluid associated with them and they were spaced about ¾ of inch apart. They were entirely painless and the slightly bigger one had shiny look to it and slight indentation. I could however feel a little thickness under the bigger one but no broken skin or pimple head . The smaller one took 2.5 days for the redness to go and the bigger one 4 days but being fair skinned I could still see evidence of where they were and could feel a little bump [or thickness] under the skin of the bigger one for a couple more days then they were gone.

About a week after that, my penis got tender on the back side of the head including the tip. It simply felt like sensitive nerves but NO discomfort while urinating. During the next week, the sensitivity on the head subsided the tip seems just a little sensitive when I think about it.

Tested at the  STD clinic and I am NEG for, HIV, Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. They did not find any swollen glands during exam.  They said to wait another month before I take the herpes test. I also went to a urologist and he could find nothing. He said he didn’t know why my penis was sensitive but said the lesions I described did not sound like herpes.  Everything is gone now but I am worried about passing whatever this is on to my grand kids especially herpes they are very young
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Nothing you describe sounds like a primary hsv1 outbreaks. I do not suspect herpes at all. The odds of contracting hsv from 20 seconds of oral when no cold sores are present is slim to none.
Thanks for your comment it is very helpful.
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I personally believe that this is not the herpes virus. I have had this happen to me, except I am a woman. Mine ended up just being clogged follicles which I was slightly surprised about since it did not hurt as it does usually! Do not worry.
The thing that bother me is I read that during the stages of infection that when the blisters open if they do not crust they form a swallow indentation while healing. My one spot had that but it was painless and no evidence of broken skin etc. It was located on the shaft back where I would not have seen it in everyday life. Surly if I has a blister and it broke and healed that much I would have felt it All kinds of things are running through my mind.
With my lesions being totally painless would that also make HSV unlikely. Thanks
could feelingundone comment on the above ? Thanks
As my original post said I was worried about the lesions on penis. Thanks for the reply but please answer if this is possible. The event happened Oct 28 and as my post said it was about 14 days latter. Now all the way to DEC. 15 I got a white head looking lesion inside my lip . It went away in a day and a half. It wasn't painful just a white headed lesion on a red base. I had been eating oranges and thought it was from them.
I did kiss this person a couple of times so my question is could genital infection move to my lip? If not, is it possible that kisisng her back in OCT now shows up in Mid DEC with this one small le
I think she had a cold sore. Yet my symptoms don't seem to match any thoughts?
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