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Did i give my bf herpes?

I wanted to ask, both me and my bf have HSV1 orally ( his numbers are 40+ ) I have a pimple on my lip and i briefly gave him a bj. Thinking its just a pimple. But he has a pimple itching in his pubic area. I am very worried.
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Hey Gem :)

If you both have hsv1, you both have antibodies that prevent you from getting it again in other locations. You don't have to worry about giving each other what you already have.

Hope you're doing well. :)
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Thank you as always.  You’re amazing.
I am glad you’re still around ❤️ Are you on other platforms other than here?
No, just this one, but that means you always know where to find me :)

Thank you and i am sending you my warmest regards to you❤️
Same to you - have a great weekend! ❤️
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