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Difference between cold sore or pimple?

A friend of me has this tiny red spot about half an inch under her lower lip. It's just a single red spot and it looks a bit like a pimple. It has been there for 6 days and it hasn't scabbed over yet, but I still fear it's a cold sore. The spot doesn't look like a blister but because there's still no white head on it I'm not sure if it's a pimple or a cold sore. Please help :(
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the spot pretty much looks the same as it did 6 days ago. It hasn't changed much.
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There is really not enough information in your post for us to make any kind of reliable guess, and at any rate, it's not possible or responsible for anyone to diagnose on a forum, unless they are a medical professional.

It would be a good idea for your friend to go to her doctor and get her blister looked at, if she's worried about it. She can get a blood test to determine if she has antibodies to HSV, though this will not tell her where she has it if she has it.
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