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Difference between sebaceous cyst and healed herpes blister

I've been scared that I have herpes for the past three months.

I had a sexual encounter where the condom popped. I was itchy for a few days afterwards and then I had a bump come on my groin. No bumps on my penis or anywhere else. Just my groin.

I had another sexual encounter while that bump was at its biggest (unprotected) and that person is clean. The bump went down after I took a long hot shower.

It then started to heal and while it was healing I went to the doctor. He told me it was a sebaceous cyst and that I had nothing to worry about that was herpes related.

The bump went down almost all the way but it's still there and small. I also have itching on my face and sometimes my back butt thighs. It's odd.

The girl I thought I contracted it from said she definitely doesn't have herpes.

I haven't been sexually active with any other females.

My question is: Did I wait too long to go to the doctor? Is there a way he could have confused that healing blister with a sebaceous cyst? He even said he thought he saw a hair in there too, but I know something is off with my body.
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Hi, when you mention groin area where exactly are you talking about? Also usual herpes sores open and spread the virus to  the surrrounding area in a cluster of clear blister type sores that scab over an heal in about 2 weeks. From what your describing really dont appear herpes related.
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It was on my pelvis. About 3 inches above the base of my shaft. If it wasn't herpes then what was it?
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Its what the doctor said a cyst.
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let's hope he's right.

i went back to him last week and got a second look and he took my urine and said that i had excess red blood cells in my urine indicating a UTI. but a friend of mine had a UTI and he said it goes hand in hand with burning urine which i dont have.

i do however have a white looking stain at the tip of my urethra which is odd.
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In the morning before you pee, milk your penis to see if any white discharge comes out. Some std,s are very subtle like chlamydia. Theres not so much of a burning but more of an itching. Either way since youve had unprotected sex twice lately and are having some issues, you might want to have a full std screening done.
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That's the thing. I was tested and cleared for HIV chlamydia gonorrhea and syphillis.

There's only one thing left :/

The doc said I didn't have anything that resembled herpes but he didn't actually test me for it.
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Three months is probably enough time to get an IgG done, or better yet, a Western Blot. However, to be more sure, wait another month and have your doctor order it, for your peace of mind.
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I have another odd bump coming in on my pelvic area, but this one is on the opposite side of the last bump. It doesn't itch, but it hurt a little bit when I squeezed it.

From what Ive been told herpes is side specific, so does this mean it''s something unrelated or am I just completely doomed? lol

Another doctor told me it could be a staph infection because I've been getting these same bumps all over my body including my back chest thighs face shoulders, etc.
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"Site specific" doesn't actually mean "point-of-entry" specific, I'm afraid. I'm not sure exactly what you've read, but a couple of clarifications:

(a) the virus doesn't "cross the equator" from below the waist to above the waist, or vice versa

(b) either HSV type (1 or 2) can infect either site (above or below the waist). In fact, about 1/3 of new genital infections are caused by HSV-1.

When the virus enters the body, say at the genitals, it travels to a nerve bundle at the base of the spine - one of the sacral ganglia, where it sets up house. From there, it can "wake up" and travel up any number of nerve pathways (cells) to the surface of the skin, where it can cause an outbreak, anywhere between the belly button and mid-thigh (or lower in rare cases). Half of my genital herpes recurrences occur near my tailbone, for example.

If these bumps are occurring everywhere, I suggest that you see a dermatologist. They don't sound like herpes - they sound more like an allergy, for example, from bug-bite toxin. For some of us our body reacts to bug bites worse the second, third, etc. time, and can develop hives. This is what happened to me.
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No discharge when I milked my penis.

I only have a white looking stain/spot at the very tip of the inside of my penis/urethra.
No burning/discomfort when I urinate or ejaculate.

Not sure what it could be.
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I'm going to go to another doctor. Most of my bodily itching happens on my face or in the groin butt/thighs/legs area. From what I've read those are target herpes areas.

But I've had unprotected sex while I've had these symptoms and this stain in my urethra, and neither of the two girls I've been with have anything.

I'm just confused.

BTW, that bump I had hasn't grown. It's very very small, no pus and it barely hurts anymore, nor does it itch. It seems to be going away already actually which gives me hope because I know most herpes blisters last around 1-2 weeks and blister/ulcer/crust.

I know I'm ranting but I've had a doctor tell me I don't have herpes but all he did was make a visual analysis and I'm still itching in the junk/butt/face. I just need peace of mind.
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