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Differing results hsv blood

I have conflicting blood results and wanted to get an opinion.

10 weeks post exposure Elisa Igg non specific type test for hsv blood negative
6 months same test negative
7.5 months immunoblot specific test positive hsv1
10 months post exposure Elisa test again negative

I don't get any numerical results. I tried and lab says they don't give that information it is either positive or negative.

I do have nerve pain issues but no typical lesions.  

I don't want to argue whether I have hsv or not I just want to know what steps do you recommend from here?

My thought is I can't be in the 10% false negative range for Elisa for each of the 3 tests at different times, seems like those odds are pretty damn low.

Could my immunoblot be false positive?

What do you think?

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you have numerous posts which make it hard to know what advice you've been given previously.

not everything is due to herpes. Your continued negative tests for herpes back that this isn't likely due to herpes as does your lack of obvious lesions.

even the best tests for herpes still miss 1 out of every 10 hsv1 infections. hard to tell if the immunoblot just picked up better on the hsv1 infection that many adults have or if it was a false positive. no real reason to suspect that hsv1 would be causing your symptoms even if you do have it.

are you following up regularly with a neurologist for your pain issues?
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I have an appt (3rd one) with infectious disease specialist soon. Will see what he says

From there will book neurologist and have vulvar specialist apt earliest April next year!

Either I have constant prodome for 10 months which everyone says is impossible or have post herpetic neuralgia

I will have to get a western blot done but I am afraid without a positive swab won't do much as hsv1can be anywhere.
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Apologies for multiple posts. I have multiple issues going on health wise and I am trying to get the best info I can to approach my doctors. Unfortunately no one seems too interested in giving me a diagnosis and going from one specialist to another with no one overseeing ur care is challenging.

I m trying to hold the fort, some days are better than others.

Waxing and waning vulvar pain for 10 months w no meds is exhausting and emotionally difficult to deal with.

I fear h has damaged my nerves.
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I wouldn't bother with a herpes WB blood test. You have consistently negative tests.

no need for an infectious disease specialist. I'd see the vulvodynia specialist and a neurologist as soon as you can and not wait until next year.
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Thank you Grace, you are very kind.

I am attempting to get an earlier appt, with vulvar specialists it's very difficult. Neurologist I can book sooner than later so I will try that as well.

Honestly, I still think h is the cause but I am willing to accept any diagnosis that alleviates the pain at this point.

Kind regards
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I do have the one positive immunoblot though
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but then Elisa came back negative after

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if you had contracted hsv1 genitally, odds are that you would've had a very obvious and very painful ob soon after being infected. as I said previously, no reason to suspect that you have hsv1 genitally.
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