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Do I have HSV 1 or 2?

I’ve only done sexual things with 5 people in my life. Never had sex.  

First three times was with my girlfriend and two friends back when I was 14/15. I’m 30 now.

With my girlfriend we kissed, I grabbed her breast/sucked her breast, I ate her out a couple of times and fingered her once.
With my friend we sucked each other’s penises and gave each other handjobs a couple of times. No ejac ever.
With another friend I sucked her breast a couple of times.

Semi recently - 5/6 years ago I was with a stripper and a girl my friend knew.

With the stripper I motor-boated her breast, grabbed her breast and her booty and she gave me a handjob with a condom on.
With the girl my friend knew I sucked her breast and barely touched her vagina - her pants were on.

There is no memory at all of seeing anything on any of them. (The stripper was in a darker room so don’t know)

It’s been many years but I’ve never noticed anything facially or on my penis. Mostly just random bumps here and there I’ve noticed on the fat above my genitals. - I’m fat so like a fannypack above my genitals. (I was hoping they’re pimples)

I’m a germaphobe and won’t be able to live with it. I’m terrified!
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HSV one is incredibly common and most people get it when they’re young. They’re exposed to it by kisses from someone in their family or even among other children. Many people don’t have any symptoms whatsoever but because it’s so common, I would not waste a second worrying about it. As for HSV two, no risk. Nothing you’ve done has put you at risk for that. Kissing breasts, Mutual masturbation or having oral sex, giving and receiving, no. You’re absolutely fine. Random body acne or ingrown hairs is also completely normal. What you describe sounds like one of those. Rest easy and don’t freak out. You’re OK
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