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Do I have Herpes after touching?

Hi, a month ago I have a casual sex with protección but at the end she gave a hanjob without protección after that I had red spot on head on my penis and swollen glands with no pain or burning when pee only sensitive to the touch burning sensation and red, I used anti fungal cream and it almost to his normal color and there is a still swollen but no pain I’m not using the cream anymore I don’t know what it can be

And i also have throat sore on the very back of throat they look kind of clear looking and red and I have white tongue but not too white with small red dots on the tip but I dont have any pain but a month ago I had swollen teeth gum with a little pain and bleeding when brushing my teeth and I have small pain in my muscle do y’all think that in can be herpes?
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If you used a condom, it's unlikely that you'd get herpes. Handjobs never transmit herpes.

Since you are responding to the anti-fungal cream, it would seem like it's a fungal infection, but since it's been a month, you should probably get this checked by your doctor.

If you got genital herpes, you wouldn't have symptoms in your throat. You should get that checked out, too. You could have strep throat or something similar.

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I went to a emergency clinic and ask for a std test and came antibody positive hsv 1 and for a I know antibodies it’s a blood protein produced in response to and counteracting a specific antigen. Antibodies combine chemically with substances which the body recognizes as alien, such as bacteria, viruses, and foreign substances in the blood and have fungal infection in my body which I’m taking medicine I been having then for over a year and I think that infection can cause antibodies in blood.... it can be a mistake? That I came positive for herpes 1 because I have antibody for internal body fungal infection?
You tested positive for hsv1 because you have herpes simplex type 1. Your body makes the antibodies, and this is what the test looks for. Hsv1 is a virus, not a fungal infection.

When did you have the test done? You probably had hsv1 before you had this encounter a month ago. A lot of people get it as kids, and it's what causes cold sores or fever blisters.

That doesn't mean that you have herpes genitally. Did the doctor at the emergency clinic see your symptoms?

What medication are you taking? The only medication that might cause a mistake on a herpes test is valtrex or acyclovir.

Is English your native language? If not, what is your native language? I may be able to get someone to help you in your language.

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