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Do I have genital herpes - blisters on my penis

The symptoms began with a burning sensation on my penis 2 days after my sexual encounter with a sex worker . We had protected sex and I received fellatio from her without a condom. After the 2 days I felt fatigued and had chills. I have had a burning sensation in my genital area(Penis, groin and tip of my penis) for the past 4 weeks. I also had a burning sensation in my anal region and constipation that went away. I  I have 2 small blisters on my pubic region that have been there for over 2 weeks but none on my penis


. The blisters started out as pimples now look like they are filled with water.  I went to the hospital 3 weeks ago but the Doctor said they couldn't find any WBC in my urine and the WBC count in my blood was normal. I was given antibiotics including azithromycin, fluconazole and cefuroxime. This is stressing me out. Yesterday I tried drinking one beer and really suffered after peeing. I think alcohol makes this worse. please assist me, Could this be herpes and what should I do?
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Have you taken all the antibiotics? Did they do any actual STD testing, other than looking for WBC in your urine?

You can get gonorrhea from unprotected oral, and there's a lot of resistance to cefuroxime now. You should have had a shot of ceftriaxone.

It's also possible that you have NGU, which is an infection in the urethra caused by anything except gonorrhea. Normal mouth bacteria can cause it, as can things like strep, adenovirus (what causes things like bronchitis and other upper respiratory infections), etc.

I can't see your pic, so I can't comment on the blisters, other than to say you need to let a doctor check it out. (You have to download the pic, and I don't download things I'm not sure of the source.)

They should do a urine test to look for white blood cells, a gonorrhea test, and should culture the blisters, if you haven't waited too long. They can try to do a PCR swab on them, which is more sensitive than a regular herpes culture.

You should also get checked for a UTI, where they send the urine out for culture to look for bacteria.

Beer wouldn't affect you if you had herpes, unless you had sores in your urethra, but that would hurt every time you urinated, not just when you had alcohol. Alcohol can really irritate a UTI.

So long story short - you need to go back to the doctor, and do it soon.
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Thanks for the response.
Sorry about the picture. Please use this link

I've been to 3 doctors now. They did a test for syphilis, hepatitis, chlymidia and HIV and found all to be negative. I also had a blood test done and things seemed normal. I haven't tested for gonorrhea since the doctor said they needed to use a discharge for the test yet I have no discharge.    The symptoms keep coming and going. Recently I've started having some abdominal pain. A burning sensation in my stomach almost like stomach acidity. (I have never had stomach acidity problems in my life)
Also they did do a urine culture and found no wbc. Is that sufficient to rule out gonorrhea?
So first, they can test for gonorrhea using urine, or the urethral swab they did.

In any case, gonorrhea wouldn't give you those symptoms. Google molluscum contagiosum and see if that fits with what you have. That wouldn't cause the abdominal pain or burning in your stomach, but your blisters look like it.

No STD causes stomach burning or acidity. Where is the abdominal pain? Is it up near your sternum or down near your pelvis? Somewhere in between? Right side or left side?

How long after the encounter did you get the blisters? Are they actually blisters, or more like bumps? If they are blisters, why has no doctor cultured them?

Molluscum appears between 2 and 7 weeks after exposure, so it may be that you didn't get them from this encounter. You can get molluscum from gym equipment and things like that. It often spreads through day care centers, too. It's not always an STD, but can be transmitted sexually.

Do you think the stomach stuff could be caused by anxiety? I'm not discounting or minimizing your symptoms at all, but stress and anxiety can trigger acid reflux and GERD.

I think you can rule out gonorrhea, even though they don't seem to know how to test for it. You don't have any symptoms, or any wbc.

Try eating some bland foods for a few days and see how you feel. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and stick to foods that you'd eat if you were recovering from a stomach flu.

I do have a lot of anxiety because of this so I'm not sure how much of these symptoms have to do with anxiety. The burning sensation pain is just below my belly button.  The blisters have not popped and are painless even on applying pressure. A point of correction from my question title, the blisters are not on my penis they are in my pubic region. Lastly I have a mild burning sensation in my pelvic area some time after urinating especially late in the afternoon when I'm a bit dehydrated.
Did you look up molluscum?

Talk to your doctor about your burning and make sure to be drinking plenty of water. Lay off the alcohol and caffeine, as those are dehydrating. You could have a urinary tract infection, and that needs specific antibiotics to cure.
Yes from the images and description it does resemble what I have. What are the odds that I have genital herpes from my symptoms? Also I took(finished) fluconazole
(Single Dose)
cefuroxime axetil ( 1×2) for 5 days like 3 weeks ago.  My thinking is the doctor gave me these just in case I had an infection. My urine culture results came out okay. No growth from the culture, no WBC so I'm really confused as to how this could be a UTI.
Is it possible to have a UTI if you have no evidence for it from the urine culture test? If I have an infection from Strep or adenovirus what antibiotics should I take?
Thank you so much auntie jessi for your responses. I cannot thank you enough.
Okay, so your urine culture came back negative - was that taken before or after you took the antibiotics? If it was before, then it's not a UTI. If it was taken after, it could be a false negative because of the antibiotics.

So they have treated you for yeast (fluconazole), the bacteria that causes bacterial vaginosis (secnidazole), chlamydia and NGU (azithromycin), and gonorrhea and a UTI (cefuroxime).

If it's adenovirus, it will just take time, but I'd imagine you'd have white blood cells. Strep would have probably shown up in your urine if you had that, and azithromycin would have probably cured that, too.

Your symptoms don't look at all like herpes. A dermatologist would be able to identify molluscum, and treat it.

I see no reason to think this is herpes at all.

Are you anxious because of symptoms, or because you have regular partner, or because you were with a sex worker? Whatever the reason, and I don't really need to know, remember that anxiety doesn't equal risk, and guilt doesn't equal risk either.

Hi, I saw your pictures and it was something that I had a while ago. If it is molluscum try to apply footpower, usually ths dries them up and makes them go way smaller in about two weeks.
Best of luck!
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