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Do I have herpes or is it just razor burn?

It’s been a week since I discovered these bumps. But it’s also been a week since I shaved. I’ve gotten razor bumps before and they have opened but they are usually gone by the week.  Most of them are starting to scab over but there is one that is still open. They don’t burn or hurt, but I am itchy. All of the bumps are on one side of my genitalia. Is it just razor burn or herpes please help?
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It could be either. How many do you have? Is it wide-spread over the one side, or more focused in one area? Did the bumps appear shortly after you shaved, like within several hours or a day?

Have you had a recent possible exposure to herpes?

If it's more spread out over the area you shaved, it's more likely to be razor burn. Don't discount that, though - those can get infected and you may need medical treatment. If the one spot doesn't heal soon, get it checked.

If the symptoms appeared shortly after shaving, that lends itself to being razor burn, too.

Don't hesitate to get it checked by a doctor. A doctor can look at it to see if it's razor burn, folliculitis (infected hair follicles), or herpes.

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Oh if you do see a doctor, and they think it's herpes, ask them to swab the open one. Make sure it's a type specific swab, so it will tell you if it's type 1 or type 2. You can get type 1 genitally from receiving oral sex from someone with type 1 orally (think cold sores, though not everyone with type 1 gets cold sores).
I do suffer from oral herpes so this is why I’m scared. I didn’t have an outbreak recently, in years actually. I also get razor burn every time I shave so this is why I’m skeptical.
If you've had oral herpes for awhile - longer than a few months - then you have antibodies that protect you from getting hsv1 in another location, if you are concerned that you've spread it to another location on your body.

If you are consistently getting razor burn, try a different kind of razor. Here are some other tips:




I haven't tried any of the products, so I'm not endorsing them - just passing on the tips. :)
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