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Do I have herpes?

Last monday night I had a brief encounter with a sex worker (I'm male, worker was female). Protected (condom) oral and vaginal lasting combined ~5 minutes and I have pubic hair if that makes any difference. I did not ask about STDs or do a visual inspection of her genitalia.

Friday night/Saturday morning I noticed a small irregular red sort of rash (diam < 1 inch) at the top base of my penis (slight itchiness/no pain). Partly on the shaft of it and partly on the pubic region just above it. I went in to the doctor Saturday and a urology resident inspected it said it's not herpes, sent a picture to the attending who confirmed visually it's not herpes). They believe it was a type of dermatitis. They suggested I do a follow-up with the urologist this week (have appointment and want tests done).

Monday the rash has started to subside but I noticed what almost looked like super little flat shiny warts localized but scattered amongst my pubes (I shaved a bit to better visualize the rash). Almost the size of hair follicles but without hair coming out of them (I had a HPV vaccine in the past though). I also had a tingling sensation throughout my scrotum all day (maybe a little more on the right side but definitely whole scrotum a lot) and this was increased when sitting down.

Tuesday (today) the tingling is still there but sometimes I feel it on the head of my penis too. Also in general my genital region feels super sensitive ie when walking, or even the head of my penis feels my phone vibrating in my pocket.

Given the time frame and lack of sores by now it makes me think it's not herpes but the little tiny wart looking things are definitely there. However, I've never heard of HPV causing this type of tingling. Could I possibly be getting a HSV outbreak in the next few days and the stress of the HSV outbreak caused HPV from a long time ago to show symptoms? Or is this just genital anxiety causing hypersensitivity? Could it simply just be the healing dermatitis causing some tingling sensations?

What do you think? I'm so nervous about this.

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Go get the spots swabbed at the doctor asap. That’s the best thing you can do for now. You said you had the vaccine for HPV. Doesn’t that prevent you from getting the virus? Or does it only prevent you from getting the 2 strands that can lead to cancer but one can still get the strand(s) that can cause genital warts?
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